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Three people fell in love

 Hubby (started out Big Daddy and shrank!)- US Army MP currently deployed.  After 14 years and 6 deployments he may just be over this whole thing but we shall see.  He used to be Big Daddy because we met and he was double my size, after a year of body building in the desert on his last vacation.    I have always loved that at 6'2 he has been able to completely wrap his arms around me, I can stand behind him and never be seen... Plus... little Diva called him big daddy once when she was 3 and it stuck! 
Then he got into spin classes and eatting healthy while he was deployed and has shrunk... I am LOVING the new Hubby with a 6pack!

Diva - Ahh my 7 1/2 year old love.  She is every bit her name.  The girl has more shoes than I do and almost as much clothing.  Being a mommy has been unbelievable.  This deployment has been hard on her because BD left when she was in Kindergarten and won't be home till a few weeks BEFORE 2nd grade starts.  She has more attitude that the Miss USA pageant but more of a love of helping others than any other 7 year old I have met.  Now that he is home she is really pushing the Diva buttons - This to shall pass

Hubby and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary.  We have learned to love and appreciate this deployment for all that it offers.  We love to be together, watch movies and have our date night.  We have a cat and a dog (Diva's fish died, we are pending a new purchase)  We just bought our first home and love all that California has to offer.  Counting down to the end of this chapter knowing that we will still have stories to tell our grand kids!