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Tuesday, November 30

Google talk... is on my list!

Usually I sing the praises, VERY LOUDLY, of Google talk… it’s really our main source of communication.  I take 30 minutes from working every morning and “talk” to Big Daddy before he goes to bed.  Well… today Google just wasn’t having it.  Don’t they realize we have VERY important things to discuss…? I mean, Christmas gifts, the weather… how I am secretly glad that he isn’t home forcing me to watch Ducks games and highlights.  Yes, we are VERY important people and the sooner that the nice people DOWN THE STREET at Google realize that the better.  Today, mid-conversation… he was GONE.  I was asking about what he was getting his father and stepmother for Christmas and a few other things then there was ZERO response and never heard back.  Man, when it’s good I it’s great but when it acts up it’s a way to kill my day. 

BD has been gone for 5 months this weekend (8 if you count all the training he was gone for before) so I am missing him more and more.  I thought life would be easier and I would total be the BOMB at this single mother crap.  YEP, not so much.  Some days I think that I am the cats meow… then Diva throws a tantrum and slings her little attitude around and cuts me right back down to size.  It’s funny how kids can do that so easily.  I am learning that I need my kickboxing time in order to relax and take out my aggressions.  I need sleep and her bed time is one of my FAVORITE of the day.  I love Diva with all of my heart.  That little girl is the reason that I am making it through deployment as a semi-functioning adult.  She is the love of my life and the thing that I fought the hardest for.  I never want to take away from that but good grief that kid has more attitude than a step team!

So to wrap up… Google Talk 1 – Princess and her Soldier 0!

Monday, November 29

Mental Health Day

Ever since BD left I have been in serious need of a mental health day… a day with no Diva, no work, and no distractions.  Just a day that I can clean my house, my garage and get my brain in order… yes I said in order.  Anyone that knows me has already spent the last 8 months telling me to slow down, that I am doing too much… BLAH.  Umm… people, my husband has been telling me that for YEARS and it’s not working.  Lets be honest, I would probably be more likely to listen to his LOUD voice over anyone else’s and since I am not it’s safe to say I won’t change.    Apparently the important ones think I should sit home and watch reruns of… House or something.  I would rather DVR everything, be busy as heck and watch my tv later.  My thought is that BD will be home sooner… yep maybe not rational but I never claimed to be rational anyhow. 
This is NOT my house... but this is how I feel today.  No my house isn't this bad, nor has it ever... get the point though.
So anyhoo… back to my housekeeping (or lack there of).  I swear my living room, kitchen and Diva’s room are always clean but when it comes to the less viewed rooms (MY ROOM!)they are a MESS.  My room has no carpet currently, just piles of crap that used to be clothes.  Yep, I say used to be because I don’t know what the hell is going on there now.  This is what happens… I FINALLY have time to wash MY laundry; I fold it and sit it on the bed to put away and hang up (seriously I have always hated hanging clothes, can’t I just pay someone to do it?  Diva isnt’ quite tall enough yet!).  Then get distracted by Diva, the dog, the cat, the doorbell… an email from Big Daddy and the clothes stay on the bed.  Then Diva decides to sleep with me and said clothes get thrown on the floor so she can “snuggle”, and since the cat has learned to open doors (and BD forgot to put the door locks on) they are now covered in animal hair and I have to start over.  I feel like no matter how many times I vacuum there is still cat hair EVERYWHERE!
I have been debating the best time for this day… heaven knows I can’t do it when Diva is home.  So it looks like I have a mental healthy (AKA SICK day).  A day that I drop Diva off at school, go home and CLEAN.  Top to bottom; get ALL of my laundry done and my room in order.  Get all of our gifts wrapped, my garage cleaned so that I can… dare I say it, PARK in there.  Yes, that is my goal and with her school/after school program time… I have about 14 hours!  I think that I can do it… hmmm. 

What is your most neglected room???

Saturday, November 27

Shoes & Coats are my OBSESSION!

Hello, my name is His Princess.... and I am an addict!  Ok, I live in Southern California and it never truly gets cold here BUT I am addicted to CUTE coats.  This is a problem, especially when coupled with my total LOVE of heels!  I am 5'10 but don't own a pair of shoes below 3" tall, this is why I married a 6'3 soldier!  In my defense I am a pageant girl so... I wear heels ALOT and I love to dress up.  PLUS I work in a professional office thus requiring me to wear shoes every day and in this case they may as well be more cute than functional.  Recently I organized my shoes, in a way that BD has NEVER seen.  **Umm, hello he isn't here so what else am I supposed to do?!  I organize and reorganize!**  I am loving all the space that this organization has created! 
Upon total organization I realized the true amount of shoes I own... yep don't need any more for awhile.  I did find my new favorites.

I have this color and the black ones... yep LOVE them
 I also organized my coats... yep a few of those too.  I also realized that I have rubbed off on Diva.  She has several pea coats and  ALOT of shoes.  With her I rationalize the shoes because the child is growing like a weed... the coats have the same rational.  Works for me. 

This brings me to my recent Christmas list request from Big Daddy... I actually asked for practical things (new camera, a blanket, a new set of dishes.... I do REALLY want a new coat BUT I am picky and have abnormally long arms so it's not an online purchase).  Diva... you guessed it, she wants new boots... mainly because I just got a new pair of knee high boots from Kohls.  Ok with my obsession, I am realistic... I do NOT shop at Bloomie's or Nordstroms.  I shop at Kohls, Target or those cheap little Asian stores... LOVE a good deal.

Wow... this is a rambling post.  I am cleaning tonight and needed a break from organizing.  Hmmm... maybe I should reorganize?

Friday, November 26

Feel me up Friday!

Yes… seriously.  I have been reading all about the TSA and their new rules.  Well… I live in this country and I have certain civil rights.  One of them being that the only man that will ever cup my breasts is the one I married.  No one has the right to touch me, men have died for that right.  I am appalled that the TSA made a breast cancer survivor prove it.  Yes, I realize that I don’t want to be blown up but seriously do you think that if someone wants to hide something they will find a way and no breast cupping is going to find it.  My mother was a police office when I was younger and we had this conversation today.  She said that she has seen people hide GUNS in their personal parts to smuggle into prison.  So you tell me how TSA is going to find that.  Scanning my body and seeing me nude… how is that helping.  I have not been in playboy, I believe the ONLY person that should see my body under my clothes is MY HUSBAND not some creepy TSA guy who will probably be taking pictures with his cell phone and uploading them to facebook!
The Federal Government even admits to storing body scan images.  GROSS and a COMPLETE violation of my rights.  You know I don’t mind getting to the airport early, taking off every possible item that may beep, walking around barefooted and having them take my tweezers (Yes, many a crime has been perpetrated with TWEEZERS!) but this is a step too far.  Is this because the guy got on a plane with C4 in his shoe?  Have you NEVER seen the show that talks about how little amount of explosive can be hidden in a Bic pen and take down half the West Coast… is that next.  We should all just show up to the airport naked… wait that is illegal.  How is it any different than the body scanners showing a mans PENIS dangling?  REALLY.

Ok… so I am going to momentarily come off my soapbox.  Remind me again, WHY is my husband gone 16 months? 

Thursday, November 25


IT"S Thanksgiving… one of my FAVORITE days of the year.  My father has always ‘flown’ the thawed turkey around the house, my mother has always cooked… and I have always been in charge of the worst veggie EVER, the POTATO!  Holidays in my family are fun and all about family.  Well, I have not spent a Thanksgiving with my family in a few years… well since my darling husband and I have been together.  We both have jobs that require working the day of or the day after… or well both.  Yes, we are those weird people that work for organizations that don’t hold the day after Thanksgiving, BLACK FRIDAY as the true federal holiday that it should be.

When Big Daddy got his deployment orders my family just assumed that Diva and I would be on the first plane out there for the holiday.  Ummm… again I remind them that I have a full time job.  You know those things that pay the bills, yes one of those.  I also need to remind them that, while I have vacation time, I also have R&R in a few months that I would like to be paid to take off with my amazing husband.  Well, this year even with him gone, I still have to work the day after so we are celebrating with his mom.  Diva decided, in a less than Diva way, that we should feed hungry people for Thanksgiving since we have food.  So bright and early, o-dark-thirty, we will be headed to feed the homeless…. Then home to change, possibly nap and then off to an amazing dinner.  Nope we are NOT cooking this year.  My mother in law makes a great dinner but this year, with it being just three of us there is no point.  PLUS her wonderful company gave us an amazing dinner at this restaurant as a thank you for Big Daddy’s service.  Then home for a skype date!  Yes, we get a Thursday night AND then a Saturday skype date with him.  Diva can’t wait because she has so many things to tell him.  Haha. 

This year, as so many of us are celebrating with our loved ones so far away, please remember to be thankful for all that we have and how truly blessed we are. 

Black Friday - Happy Turkey Day


This year our Thanksgiving is a little different.  BD is gone so it will consist of Diva, Big Daddy's mom, Me and my grandmother... I could not imagine cooking that LITTLE amount of food.  So imagine how surprised and touched I was when my mother in laws company gave us dinner at an amazing restaurant to honor BD's service.  Yes, this mamma cried with HIS mamma.  We are so humbled by this.

The next wonderous thing is BLACK FRIDAY. For those of you that are gutsy enough to wade through the crowds here is a list of some of the times these stores are open.  I have yet to decide if I will brave the stores this year or not.  With the fact I have to ship more than half of our gifts this year, I may just have to.

Thank you to BFAD's for this information:

The Sports Authority ad features several pages of doorbuster sales items available from 5am to 3pm on Black Friday.

15-item preview of the Amazon.com's Black Friday Week. Amazon will also be putting many, many more items on sale, we expect to have those details in the upcoming days. Amazon's Black Friday event is split into three different sales:
Target opens at 4am

Best Buy opens at 5am
The Acer 10.1” Netbook for $179.99 is comparable to the Compaq 10.1” Netbook for $149.99 during BestBuy’s Black Friday sale. Considering that BestBuy only is guaranteeing 8 of these netbooks per store, you might want to pick up the Acer netbook at Target this week, hold onto it until Black Friday and see if you can get the better deal at BestBuy. The BestBuy netbook deal is one of the better deals this Black Friday, so there will be a high demand for them

Wednesday, November 24


Doesn’t that sound heavenly?  Since April I have not seen much of that word.  I have not been able to pee in peace, shower without interruption or read a book until after bed time.  Yesterday I asked Diva for 5 minutes to use the restroom and change my clothes for our meeting.  About 14 seconds after I sat down came a little knock at the door.  “Mommy?”, in a small voice.  “Yes Diva… in my annoyed mommy tone.  “Are you ok?” I asked.  “Ummm… well yeah” she said.  “Ok, then go read a book for a few moments, I will be right out” (Side note- I have extreme stage fright so by now my bladder was ready to explode!).  “But mommy… ummmm…. Well… I was wondering….”.  Anticipating the next comment I slipped in “No, you can not have a snack”.  She sighs and says, “Oh well… I just wanted a kiss, can I come in”.  SERIOUSLY child… I just want to PEE!  I just want 5 minutes to pee, wash my hands and change my slacks… I am not asking for an hour of quiet movie time, I mean really the world would stop turning if that happened. 
I have decided when BD gets home for R&R I am going to give him a full daddy day with her… 1 day to get a small glipse into my deployment life.  A day that he has to run her all over creation to do her extracurriculars, a day that he has her knocking on the door ever 3 seconds wanting something without patience… oh yes, and on that day.  I am going for solitude and hitting a spa alone.  No talking, no nothing. 

I love being a mommy and I love being an Army wife but good grief… sometimes all I want is to be ME. 

Tuesday, November 23

Crappy cold weather = Wanting to cuddle

My dog, the cat, the Diva and I cuddle up in our big chair every night because I hate being cold... but I hate turning on the heater even more!  She is like a little heater, just like daddy, and I am ALWAYS cold.  When Big Daddy is home, he has the AC set to like 68 degrees and I am bundled up in sweats when it’s 100 degrees outside in July!  Yep, that’s my life.  So, with him gone I never turned the AC on this summer… I am sure that my mother in law would have liked the AC on when she came over but… well I don’t like to be cold.  Plus, truth be told I never figured out how to use the stupid AC system in our house. 
Yesterday was one of those days that I wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep forever!  CRAMPS… yep the word that we all hate to see and feel but its reality.  There was no IM’ing with BD yesterday… maybe that was a blessing from Mother Nature because I was surely NOT in the mood for people.  I left my ipod in all day at work and barely spoke to people.  Everyone was irritating me.  Then about 10 last night I got the giggles, not just a little giggle from the stupidity of Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars but a huge belly laugh from absolutely NOTHING.  No TV was on, no book or magazine, nothing… just me laughing for a good 7 minutes.  I thought maybe I had finally cracked… deployment got to me and I would soon be hugging myself rocking on the floor of a pretty white fluffy room.  Then… it stopped.  No such luck on the pretty room and solitude.  Yep.  I was so excited about SOLITUDE.  Haha. 

Now to get some work done and pray that the Internet works and I  can have my IM time with Big Daddy…. Oh and maybe I should get some work done too.  Ahh… I love working full time except for when it cuts into my blogging time!

Monday, November 22

Another week starts...

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate countdowns?

Confession… I HATE countdowns.  They are the worst until you are in single digits.  I mean, good grief I will be in TRIPLE digits until the END of April.  I mean seriously, he will be home for R&R when we hit single digits.  Yep, that will be 9 months since he deployed.  My whole life right now is counting something.  Math with Diva, hours at work, paying credit cards… in addition to his deployment calendar.  It’s just a frustrating yet necessary evil.

I want something else… Diva counts down with Hershey Kisses, what about me?  Can I countdown and buy myself a new pair of sexy underwear for each week?  New pair of shoes?  This Princess needs to come up with something!  I need something to make the countdown a little more tolerable because at this point I don’t want to count anymore.  I want Big Daddy arms wrapped around me, telling me that the dog is barking and that he hates the cat.  I want to hear snoring, then SHEER Big Daddy annoyance when I have to get him out of bed an hour and 26.7 snooze button hits later.  This countdown to end of deployment is crap… I am starting to wonder if the 2011 calendar includes our R&R month or even next summer at all!

Wow… I am crappy today!  Nope, not crabby but crappy.  I can totally appreciate the difference.  I am tired and moody, maybe BD is glad he isn’t home today.  Haha.

Friday, November 19

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

I want to say I have so much fun doing these... I just forget because my Fridays are crazy!  Enjoy...

It's Friday, which means it's time for MilSpouse Friday Fill-In. Yay! To sign up just head over to Wife of a Sailor.

1.If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs – such as food and water – were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?
Hmm… Big Daddy and Diva. 

2.If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?

I don’t particularly care for it but Rasberry Vinegrette… its got a sweet yet tangy flavor and I think I am pretty much the same way.

3.If you had to live on a ranch, what kind of animals would you raise/own?

Cows, I love cows, ummm… goats stink too much, some ducks… and horses.  I LOVE horses!  I cant wait to get Diva and Big Daddy on a horse.

4.If your life was portrayed as a movie, who would you choose to play you and your significant other?

Hmmm… to play me?  I would say Jennifer Anniston as she is pretty much an all American girl… or maybe Carrie Underwood since she would probably be as bad of an actress as I am.  As Big Daddy… sorry but I have to go with Vin Diesel or to stick with my love of music, my man Chris Daughtry.

5.What was the last thing you put a stamp on (envelope, duh, but what was in the envelope)?

I sent an anniversary card for the day he asked me to be his girlfriend…  4 years ago November 26!

Freebie Friday

First I want to say... tomorrow I will be part of 'The Day of Giveaways' with the Frugal Army Wife on Facebook.  If you are not her friend, you really should be.  This woman finds anything and everything and does these sporatic giveaway days.  I will be giving away a custom tank top, part of my new Military Wife collection.  Please tune in!

This is the shirt that will be given away tomorrow.
Friday's Military Freebies...

What perfect timing for your holiday family photo!  Right now, Sears portrait studio locations offer a FREE portrait composite, prestige college, or enhanced wall portrait when you present this printable coupon. Even the session fee is free!  Book your appointment online here.
Also keep in mind that military members can always receive a 20% off studio or online portrait purchases with this printable coupon.

Drugstore.com is offering free shipping to military and foreign service addresses for the holidays. Whether a gift package is being sent to Afghanistan or a Military base here at home, orders placed by December 3, 2010, on Drugstore.com and its sister site http://www.beauty.com/ for $49 or more will receive free shipping with arrival by December 24th when sent to APO/FPO/DPO addresses

Target is offer free music downloads this holiday season. The retailer has partnered with a variety of musical artists to create “The Christmas Gig,” an exclusive album of original holiday tracks available for free download starting Nov. 28.

Microsoft Office Pro Plus for $10!
Attention military personnel! You can get the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 for Windows for $9.95 when you use promotion code F08C39B7EA. You must have an email that ends with .mil to get the software for that price. Getting the Microsoft software for less than $10 is over $400 in savings. If you have a Mac you can have the opportunity to download Office 2008 for Mac after you get past the validation screen.

Thursday, November 18

Turnip truck?

I am so tired of being asked the same questions when people hear that my husband is deployed:
1- Do you miss him?
2- Are you going to visit him over there?
3- I thought the war was over...why is he there?

So... there are the easy answers.
1- Yes, I miss him terribly. I miss the way he makes fun of me when I sneeze uncontrollably in the morning.  the way he snores ALL night, at least I know he is there.  I miss the way that he makes the best dinners while Diva and I dance to Sinatra or Buble in the living room.  I miss dancing with him in our room before bed when it seems like everyone in the world is sleeping but us.
2- Oh yes, I have a trip planned for New Years.  I am waiting on my custom helmet and second chance vest to come in (I had it made in pink with a crown on it).  I mean REALLY people.  Need I say more.  *My response is actually the above... super sarcastic!*
3- I usually attempt to sound intelligent with this one.  First problem is that I do not watch the news, nor have I since we got his orders in March.  I usually smile and say, "Yes, end of COMBAT missions were announced in August however my husband's unit is helping to train the police so there is still a need for them.

I realize every day that he is gone how many silly little things that I miss HOWEVER I also realize how awesome it is to love someone so much that you miss them. 

With all that being said.  I also love the fact that I am only cleaning up after, doing laundry for and doing dishes for 2... I also love that once she goes to bed I can do my own thing.  I know that by the end of this 16 month vacation I will be ready for him to be home, I will be ecstatic about cleaning up after, doing laundry for and doing dishes for 3.  I am in a nesting phase right now.  Cleaning out everything, reorganizing everything and finding pictures that make me laugh and cringe at the same time.  Being an Army wife has its perks and it has its struggles but knowing every day that I miss my soldier because I love him is far better than having a person in the next room that I don't know.

Monday, November 15

The Skype Look

With every Monday (I hate Monday's, just to be clear) I have to remember that it's one day closer to seeing Big Daddy. 

This was an incredible weekend for Diva and I.  It was the first weekend in MONTHS that we have been able to sit home and do nothing.  Ok, actually Diva did nothing and I cleaned like a crazy woman.  I do not need her to keep telling BD that mommy 'forgot' to do dishes again or something like that.  Well, the other INCREDIBLE thing we did this weekend was..... We got to skype with Big Daddy twice... that has NEVER happened before! 
We have a Saturday morning standing skype date.  She takes the first 10 minutes and then I get whatever is left over, usually about 45 minutes.  With that being said I am always really good about making sure I am SUPER put together for skype.  The last thing I want him to see is me in my sweats with mascara all over my eyes... pimples showing and hair all a mess.  I like to make sure I look GOOD when we skype.  I want him to remember what he is coming home to in a can't wait to hold me and take it all off kinda way.  Diva always makes sure that she has her teeth brushed (yep, daddy can tell as far as she knows), hair combed and a cute outfit on. 
Soooo... on Saturday we skyped AFTER gymnastics which is our date time.  She is always so excited to tell him about what ever new thing she did that day and I usually just talk to him about... well nothing really.  BD and I talk about the cars, our gym workouts, concerts and music... normal stuff.  And since we just got home from gymnastics, which in my opinion is a place for all snooty moms with Starbucks to look their 'Saturday casual" (ie. Juicy sweatsuits or cute casual clothes) I am usually pretty put together.  I refuse to be looked at as 'that mom' that doesn't conform to a sense. 

Well, on Sunday morning he sent me an email at 0700 about IM'ing for a few moments.  He was done with h is work day and his work out and thought we could steal a few moments together.  In my haste to talk to him I thought that skype would be fun, 2 days of him is worth a little less sleep.  So off I go to the office, fire up the computer and log into skype.  The I hit video call... his end was ringing and I could hear him clear his throat, YAY date time.  THEN I see myself in that little box... OMG!  I did not think this one through, I should have asked for 3 minutes... or hey maybe just looked in the mirror as I past.  NOPE... I looked like HELL.  Seriously, I was wearing the same shirt from the day before and since we had talked on that day he totally knew... In my defense, I fell asleep on the couch.  My hair was a big rats nested BALL on top of my head and MASCARA was smeared all around my eyes.  I looked like a married version of the walk of shame.   AHH.. the picture of perfection.  I was so mad at myself!  Then of course midsentence my allergies (yep have a cat and allergic to said cat) so I am sneezing, coughing and snotty.  My husband just laughed and said how much he missed my morning sneezes.  Man he MUST love me for all this mess. 
It was terrible.  I wanted to cry... but I didn't.  I put Diva in front of me and hid as long as I could... interjecting my voice every now and again.  Then when she was done, I put the camera really far back and prayed it was blurry as always on their Internet.

Moral... check a mirror BEFORE you skype!

Friday, November 5

Friday Freebies!

I just came across this one for those in California or making a trip to California in the near future this is for you!

Starting November 1st,Veterans or current serving military personnel and one guest get FREE admission into Knott’s Berry Farms!
You must show proper I.D. at the turnstile. (DD214, Veterans Administration Hospital ID or Active Military Service ID.) Plus purchase up to six additional tickets for just $15 each! Hurry and start planning your trip because this ends Thanksgiving Day.

Free Dinner for Veterans with valid ID - November 11

- Chili's
- Applebees
-McCormick & Schmidts

FREE Sleep Number Travel Pillow for Military
Between Oct. 31 and Nov. 14, 2010, all active and retired military with their military ID will get a FREE travel pillow for visiting a Sleep Number store and finding their Sleep Number setting! Go HERE to find a location near you.

FREE $200 Clothing Certificate for Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans!
If you are a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom you are eligible to  become a member of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).  Membership is FREE and you get access to exclusive tickets, giveaways and more.
Plus, on October 8th, IAVA members can sign up to receive a $200 voucher for JOE Joseph Abboud merchandise, a line of contemporary menswear and accessories available exclusively at JCPenney. Female IAVA members can request $200 certificates for apparel from Worthington, also redeemable at JCPenney. IAVA member veterans can request their $200 certificates on The Rucksack beginning October 8th (these certificates are limited to the first 5,000 IAVA members to sign up on October 8th).

10 FREE Paperback and Audiobooks for Military
MilitaryOneSource.com is offering 10 FREE paperback/audiobooks per year to military and their families! You must sign in or register with MilitaryOneSource before checking out. I was sent an email stating that I should receive my books in 7-14 days!

Tuesday, November 2

Technology... friend and foe

During deployments technology is key to keeping it all together.  This has proved to be both good and bad.  In previous deployments if we heard from our Soldiers weekly we felt like we were pretty good... well this time around in Big Daddy's current place the technology and being able to converse is GREAT because there isn't as much bad stuff going on.  We get to IM (Thank you google talk) daily and he can skype with Diva every weekend.  AMAZING, right?  Well... here is where the downfall of technology comes in. 
1-  We talk so much that my emails are boring because, well we already talked about everything
2-  We count on that time together so if it doesnt happen we are both a bit pissy
3-  He feels like he should be involved in everything we do and all decisions that are made... yeah, sadly you are 8000 miles away!

Diva and I are FINALLY getting settled into this deployment.  It has taken us 4 painstaking months to get this far.  She is finally past having accidents every day and night.  She isn't talking back as much and is finally listening to the rules.  I am finally being able to sleep every night at a reasonable hour, when he first left I was getting about 3 hrs of sleep a night.  Truth be told I finally feel like everything will be ok.  I even stopped spit shining the house waiting for him to come home.   

I know that the adjustment when he comes home will be easier based on all of the communication, I know that we will still have an incredible amount of love and connection to eachother (we are still reading eachothers minds) and I know that we will be amazing.  But good grief can a girl catch a break.  haha. I can't miss you if you don't leave. 

Love my Soldier...

Monday, November 1

Manic Monday and broken generators!

Actually this morning I felt more like a Maniac but hey... whatever.  Last night we tookd Diva trick or treating.  She wanted a new locale since daddy wasn't with us (apparently the other place is a daddy ONLY zone!) so we went closer to our house.  We saw a lot of her little friends and got to experience a large racial diversity.  We live in an area with a large muslim population, last night we saw just how dense that population is.  We even got to meet one of her boyfriends, the little ninja.  Yes, she pointed him out by just his EYES showing through his costume.  We are in trouble, oy!
With all of the weekend fun Diva did NOT want to get up this morning.  So there was a little bit, ok a TON of frustration from mommy.  Getting her up is like getting her daddy up... virtually IMPOSSIBLE!  She rolls her eyes, covers her head, groans and grumbles... then gets HALF out of bed before finally dragging her booty to my bathroom to take a shower.  Why she refuses to use her bathroom in the morning is beyond me!  We finally get that done and dressed... ahh thank you free dress day (STUPID furlough days!) for adding to the frustration of my morning.  Mommy, I don't want to wear that... its not that cute.  I want to wear a skirt, tank top and sandals.  Lets see kid... you had pneumonia, strep and bronchitis LESS than a month ago and it's currently 60 degrees outside.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  I settled on a skirt with knee high socks and a sweater.  JEEZ.
Then to top it all off Diva was supposed to skype with BD yesterday morning however he never showed up.  Now, as a military wife we know that things happen.  I don't freak, watch the news insessantly or refuse to answer the door BUT I do start running scenarios in my head.  Internet is down, or he fell asleep... No word from him all day but found out this morning that the generators all went out.  YEAH.  So I got to spend the day yesterday reminding her than daddy loved her and that he would call as soon as he could.  Yeah, didnt work so well.  Today however we were ok... see aforementioned issues instead. 
I was beat down before I even got to work... now to IM with BD for a few minutes before I head to Diva's school daycare program to talk about what it means to be a military family and what deployment locations are like.