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Thursday, June 30

Out of place - His transition

I LOVE having hubby home, Diva loves having Hubby home... Bean dog, NOT so much.  She is back to being on the floor, not her favorite place to sleep when she is used to my big fluffy bed.  Hubby does NOT like doggies on beds so little Shih-Tzu is relegated to the floor JUST like when Hubby first moved in.  I am surprised she doesn't nip him when he comes home. 

Yesterday was Hubby's first day home all alone - he felt like a fish out of water, poor guy.  Didn't really know what to do, I mean AFTER 2 hours in the gym (yeah, that won't be an option when he goes back to work but hey... now he can do what he wants), and an 11 mile bike ride he was just in a weird place.  I can't imagine what it's like to be on call 24 hours a day, heightened security, around people all the time with SUPER structure and then go home to minimal structure and quiet... then to be all alone in our house.  I felt horrible, I did give some ideas... we need to pack the house (moving in 3 weeks), he could go through his footlockers from his deployment (home in 2006), umm or just relax?  NOPE none of those is what he meant - he says that he doesn't know his roll in all of this.  I just wanted to cry for him.  I can't imagine what the transition is like for him.

How did your service member deal with the transition?  What did you do to help?

Wednesday, June 29

Homecoming - Short version!

Our homecoming was perfect… I had no complaints about THE DAY!  Let’s go back a bit though.

Due to the fact that we are moving in 2 weeks, our house is a bit of a mess BUT I made sure to hire a maid service to do the deep cleaning before he walked in… which is total PRINCESS FASHION, didn’t happen.  They did a HORRIBLE job and I spent money on absolutely NOTHING.  NOT a happy Army Wife!  Oh and my inlaws are staying with us this week for a few days so there is a level of clean I expect.
So we decorated the house, put up our BIG welcome home sign and headed to Bakersfield the night before.  Once we arrived we went straight to the unit to help any last minute decorating.  I was virtually ignored, basically no one knew who was a spouse or just a random good Samaritan helping out.  We chose to stay with our unit friends that night and let our kids terrorize each other in hopes of them sleeping better that night.  Bright and early homecoming morning we set off back to the unit for the outside decorating.  Then the news came (I got a text from my soldier) that they were going to land about an hour and a half early so we finished up quickly and headed home to change and ensure the kids were all ready.
Back at the unit all pretty-fied, I met with our Operation Love Reunited photographer.  This is a non-organization that pairs up photographers with military families for pre-deployment, during and homecoming photos at no charge.  I LOVED our photographer.  She was there to take photos and just be.  Then the plane landed and I felt nauseous.  I had just seen my husband 2 months before for R&R but this was it… this was the moment that had been in the back of our mind for four and a half years, the END of our first deployment. 
SIDE NOTE - Not to be a snob but seriously some women looked like they just rolled out of bed - LADIES you haven't seen your man in months, a wifebeater and flip flops is just not appropriate!  I wore a cute sundress and heels... thats just me.  We were interviewed by the local news, Diva stole the show... no big surprise there.
As soon as the busses were in sight the crowd went completely crazy!  We screamed, hollered, waived flags, it was amazing.  My husband was on the first bus, off he came and our daughter was up in his arms before he could read her sign.  There were a lot of sunglass covered eyes, a lot of tears and a ton of screaming.  We hugged soldiers we didn’t know and welcomed them home; we hugged each other and just smiled.  I don’t think I could have let go of my husband if I tried – note to others, a dress at homecoming can be a tough sell with kids.  There were many times I was FREAKING out that my butt was being shown to the world!
Inside for more pictures, awards, formation, lunch and release.  The rest of the day was family time, just to relax and be together.  Our soldier was asleep about 1800 on the first night; he woke up for a bit and then right back to sleep by about 2100.  Luckily we all felt the same way and were just out cold.  The next day started with a formation, some formalities and then he was released for our 3 hour drive home.

At home… we stopped by the new house so he could see it and we took some pictures.  He loved it, THANK GOODNESS!  I couldn’t imagine moving into somewhere that he may or may not love… especially not for as long term as the plan is!

Beyond that – bed early every night and he is so far so good with being home and a normal sleeping pattern.  Lets see if this lasts for the poor guy. 

Diva's sign for her daddy - held with pride!  BEST PART was the amount of glitter on his ACU's!

Signs on the building... AMAZING

Here they come!

Final formation- Thats my soldier leading it.

Tuesday, June 28


So here we are... my soldier is HOME!  I have so many things to write and I will... just not now.  Right now I am going to go sit next to my best friend on the couch and watch some stupid dancing show he likes (and I dislike!) because he is here.  I did want to leave ou with 2 of my our (need to STOP saying that word) Operation Love ReUnited shots!

She GRABBED him as soon as he stepped off the bus

then he grabbed me... and spun me around!

Simplicity is a daughter walking with her soldier daddy!

Friday, June 24

MilSpouse Friday Fill in

LOVE THESE... A - Means its FRIDAY! and B - 1 day closer!

I love learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers!  I learn so much about my fellow bloggers and can’t wait to learn more. 
Each week, Wife of a Sailor will post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Head back on Friday and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs.  And please feel free to use the button above!This week’s questions are:
1.          Are you a different person than you were five years ago? submitted by Sisterly Thoughts
OMG YES! 5 years ago I was a pretty busy girl that was in Vegas all the time and hanging out with my friends.  I had a great life of a single girl.  NOW I have the great life of a mom with a deployed husband that I couldn’t love more if I tried.
2.          If you could go on Amazing Race, who would you take with you as your partner and why? submitted by Thoughts from a Poekitten
NO CLUE!  I love Hubby but I think our mutual competitiveness would be the death of us both… literally!  Maybe my girlfriend that turns every moment into something great with feathers and rhinestones!
3.          Does Facebook or Twitter actually bring more stress or good in to your life? submitted by Just an Arizona Girl
I think overall it’s been more of a nusance than anything but yet I find myself on it checking it regularly… funny.
4.          June is National Soul Food Month- what’s your soul food? submitted by NH Girl Displaced
Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies are my end all be all…. Bad day, good day…. All day!
5.          If you could live in any other era than the current, which one would it be & why? submitted by Sugar in My Grits
I would LOVE to be a 1940 – 1950’s housewife!  Stay home and raise my kids baking browning and dinner while my husband worked all day.  I would LOVE THAT.  Plus I think women were more feminine then and able to be more lady like without the stresses of being just as good as guys.

Thursday, June 23

Homecoming will have PICTURES!

I have been looking at magazines and having all of these JEALOUS, excited feelings of all the homecoming pictures I see.  The perfect kiss pictures or the kids holding signs and seeing their daddy's for the first time... I am a HORRIBLE picture taker in times like this.   The nice American Airlines gate ladies took pictures at R&R for me and they are all of my BUTT!  While I worked hard on it I want a little more face and less REAR!
With homecoming a meer days away I have been really thinking about wanting the PERFECT homecoming moment and pictures.

How many of you moms have spent a fair amount of time getting ready for homecoming, perfect hair and looking your best?  Then you get to whereever your soldier is coming into wrangling kids, find your husband, hold onto your childs hand... then think about the fact your butt may be hanging out of your dress but not really care.  After all the fun and excitement is over... wish you had just ONE good picture of homecoming?  Yes, I am crazy in my brain when I plan things.  I thought about photo angles with most of our wedding photos as we were doing things, making sure that I didn't have pictures up my nose or down my top.  So I am a total perfectionist!  This is our first deployment, I want to mark it with pictures that Hubby and I will look at in 50 years and smile. 

There is a great organization Operation Love Reunited that has photographers that offer their services FREE for Pre-Deployment, During and Homecomings!  I emailed the photographer in Hubby's homecoming town and she emailed me back!  Her pictures are wonderful.  She is going to be able to capture all those moments that my blurry/teary eyes would miss.

Jess Cardena Photography is the wonderful woman that emailed me back and will be joining our family at homecoming.  She is hoping to catch all those moments that I will be too blurry eyed to do, plus my lips and hands will be otherwise occupied!

Stay tuned for post homecoming pics...

Thoughtful Thursday - Homecoming Dress WINNER

In all the homecoming hoopla... and the packing... and the house, I have been very overwhelmed with it all.  In my overwhelmed-ness Diva has been a nightmare.  I get that kids feed off their parents and this parent is a chicken missing its head but GOOD GRIEF. 

Anyhow, I finally settled on my homecoming dress, yes DRESS.  This was the conversation with Hubby -
Me: So I was thinking a cute pair of shorts and a top for homecoming, I mean it's 108 degrees up there and you always beg me to wear shorts (incidentally, I HATE my legs in shorts!)
Hubby: Or a cute sundress wouldn't be so bad
Me: Yeah, but running around after Diva and the possibility of the pickup and twirl by you showing my butt to the world sounds less than inviting.  The shorts and top are REALLY cute.
Hubby:  A dress would be kinda cute too but it's TOTALLY up to you.

OK so dress it is!  The winner is a Purple striped sundress by Converse

On sale for $8.20 at Target!  Took into my alterations lady to shorten just a bit PLUS I am bustier than this sweet 16 year old model so there is a but of cleavage to add to the sexiness factor!

Wednesday, June 22

This + This = THIS!

Whats the BIG difference?

This sticker is

No longer there!

Because he is in the US - We have a few more days before we are wrapped all up in eachother but because of this missing item I need to figure out the next big, SUPER important thing!

HUBBY - if you read this STOP-- SURPRISES in store for you my dear.  I love you!

What to wear to HOMECOMING!  I am totally at a loss.  HELP!  To pile it on - there is NO clue what time the man will be arriving.  Today it was 104 degrees in the arrival city!

OK - the rest of you... let me know because I don't know if I should go cute yet comfy, sweet and girly or just tramp  sexy! 

Option #1 - Jean shorts and a loose sheer top in coral
Hubby always asks me to wear shorts... I HATE my legs in shorts but feel like maybe I should give in being homecoming and all.  BUT I hate the idea of spending $18 on something I will wear ONCE.  Then what shoes?  May I mention that I am 5'10 and wear a size 9.5!

Option 2 - cute summer dress
OR a cute summer dress - downfall here is IF he spins me everyone will see my BUTT and that is NOT the impression on my inlaws I need to make!  Plus I am not small busted so this could be a might bit tacky.  But super cute and sorta me and seems very homecoming expected.
Or the old standby - trenchoat with nothing but my birthday suit underneath.  Downfall is IF we do homecoming at an airport and I need to remove my jacket the body scanner will be the LEAST of my worries. 
So... my 3 options... ARG!  What to do?

Tuesday, June 21

Sleeping like a baby - BS!

Everyone always refers to a good night sleep as sleeping like a baby…. Last time I checked babies are up every hour pooping or eating.  Sadly, this is how I sleep – well sorta.  I am up every hour, tossing and turning.  CRAP.  I am so tired regardless of bed at 8pm or 1am!  With Hubby so close to coming home and FINALLY in our country I thought I would sleep better… ya know what – NOPE!  Still restless… AHHH!

I am begging the sandman for just a bit more solid sleep - I have SO much to do before Hubby steps foot in the house!  GEEZ!

Monday, June 20

I know that ringtone...

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone

I think about that quote when I think about Diva - or Hubby being so far from Diva that he can't take care of her. 

Our Fathers Day was pretty quiet; we packed and packed and packed…. With the move just 3 weeks away, Hubby home for 10 days, my Father in Law staying with us and well LIFE I am trying to get a jump on it before this weekend.  With pending homecoming and the pending move I am very overwhelmed… then got more overwhelmed when I got an email from Hubby yesterday afternoon saying he was in their first stop on their trip back to the United StaKes (As Diva says).  I was floored as I didn’t know they had left the sandbox, I knew they were supposed to but nothing official as there had been HORRIBLE sandstorms.    After all was said and done, Diva and I watched Miss USA (I LOVE Miss USA and Miss Universe days… LOVE THEM!) which is like the Golden Globes for Hollywood Entertainment lovers.  Diva was allowed to stay up until 10, she watched opening number and swimsuit, placed her bet for winner and was off to bed with little fight.  Then back to planting my BUTT on the couch in Hubby’s spot which has become mine, known especially by my perma-butt print in the cushion… AHH HEAVEN.

So after junk food and Miss USA I was getting ready for bed when I heard Hubby’s email ringtone.  YAY!  I love catching him online assuming he was still in said European country.  So in my blurry eyed night vision (with SUPER dry contacts in my eyes) I thumb clicked my way into my email to read about the next delay to homecoming but there was nothing there, GREAT false alarm and stupid blackberry… I CAN”T WAIT TO REPLACE YOU.  I tossed my phone back on the bed but the dumb red light was still blinking so I pushed buttons and saw to my shock and surprise it was a TEXT MESSAGE!  Hubby was in the United States!  He was texting.  There in my inbox was a TEXT!  I haven’t gotten a text since R&R!  I stared blankly for a few moments and saw it said, “Hi Love! We are currently in --- and I will call you shortly”  YAY!  Shortly, call… ahhh.  Talking to him was amazing, his picture on my cell phone and a ring tone I forgot about.  YAY!
Today he is heading to another post to finish their in processing and all that fun stuff.  Now to just get him to the right time zone!  Hubby will only be home a few days before he has to finish training and then be home home but for now I will take what I can get… celebrate Fathers Day, 4th of July and just being a family!

Friday, June 17

MilSpouse Friday Fill In

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. Judy Garland

YAY!  One week closer to HOMECOMING!  It's a weird feeling but hey... its just a pass not actual homecoming but I will take it since it means he will be stateside!

I love learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers!  I learn so much about my fellow bloggers and can’t wait to learn more. 
Each week, Wife of a Sailor will post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Head back on Friday and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs.  And please feel free to use the button above!
This week’s questions are:

Underwear Parties, how old is too old? submitted by Wookie & Co.
What the hell is an underwear party?  I mean I love those with the Hubby... but umm well I don't think anyone else wants to see them. 
  1. What was your favorite class in high school? submitted by Adventures of M-Squared
BIOLOGY!  Fetal pig disection was my favorite thing ever... weird
  1. Have you ever convinced packers/movers to pack something they aren’t supposed to for a PCS? submitted by Ground Control to Major Mom
We have not PCS'd so no but I have heard horror stories.
  1. Blogging plays a growing roll in the media. If you were asked to embed as a blogger with a deployed military unit, would you go? What do you think your blog would be like? submitted by To the Nth
I would TOTALLY do it... Hubby would say NO just because thats what he's supposed to say.  My blog would probably host a lot of explatives and not be the Armys favorite pasttime to read.  Just sayin.
  1. Do you think kids should attend year-round school? submitted by Marrying the Navy
YES, YES, YES!  Lets limit how much their little brains forget, prepare them to be unbelievable and help working parents with daycare costs.

Wednesday, June 15

Summer Swap

I scheduled this for MONDAY!  Stupid Blogger hates me these days but I didn't want Mrs Boots to think I didn't LOVE LOVE LOVE my gifts!

YAY!  That was so much fun!  Mrs Boots and I were totally on the same page... they say great minds think alike!

Thank you so much for my summer stuff... can't wait to lay out and use it!

Semi Wordless Wednesday

My husband will NEVER brag about awards, service or himself... so I get to today.  He received the Bronze Star Medal this week at his end of tour awards. 

Hee hee... END OF TOUR!  YAY... homecoming is right around the corner.  Well, our version anyhow since he is actually home on pass then headed back out for another 30+ days of training.  LOVE the Army!  They back up training options to deployment as if 400 days, PLUS 45 for AT/RTC isn't enough lets just ADD another 30-45 for more training!

Monday, June 13

Doors in trees

  I don’t have nightmares anymore… haven’t in so long I can’t remember.  When I was little I had a reoccurring dream that the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood ate my sister.  I still giggle about that one.  He always chased her around my bed in our first house in Arizona… I had that dream for YEARS! 
When hubby left I had weird dreams – like saying good-bye to him over and over, weird because we have NEVER used that word in deployment.  We chose another word when he left as good-bye seemed so final.  There were even times in the beginning that one would say, “OK, I love you, bye” and hang up, ONLY to call right back and correct it with the proper salutation.  Deployment makes us VERY superstitious.

Anyhow, last night I had a dream that I was holding Diva walking down a wash with other ladies when a rush of water, like Tsunami rush, came at us.  I ran with her in my arms and then tucked her into this rock formation and held onto her with all my might.  Just as I was losing my grip a door in a tree opened (hey, it’s a dream) and we went inside.  We could hear the water hitting the door and I was scared that the pressure would break the door… then I woke up.  It was 4:47AM… an hour before I needed to get up but I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I laid there, checked my BB for Hubby emails (there were none!), tossed and turned and finally decided to go sleep with Diva.  Incidentally I know nothing about dream sequences or what they mean but I find it interesting.
Her bed is HORRIBLE.  I am investing in a pillow top or egg crate as soon as we move!  Her pillow is flat and her bed is hard.  No wonder the kids up at 6:30 am on Saturday, she is sleeping on concrete!  Its on my list of things I will buy when we move…

Saturday, June 11

29 things about me...

I came across this survey and thought I'd fill it out to let you guys know a little about me :)

1. How long have you been a military wife?  Almost 4 years

2. What branch of service is your husband? Army Reserves

3. Active/Reserve? Reserves

4. What is his job? Military Police

5. How many deployments have you gone through? Midst of our first

6. ACU's or Class A's on your man? ACU’s – Class A’s… eww

7. What do you like about being a military wife?  I love being married to a man with so much pride in our country

8. Do you live on base? Nope- we are almost 2 hours from the nearest Army Post

9. What is your favorite base so far? Ooh… I got nothing here.  Ft Irwin in Barstow, CA is an ARMPIT

10. What is the hardest part of the military life? Being apart for the past 14 months has basically sucked!

11. Do you go to the grocery store or commissary? Grocery Store

12. Do you work or stay at home? I work full time… I do NOT have the SAHM gene

13. Do you have a lot of military wife friends? I have a few – not easy in the reserves but worth their weight in gold!

14. Do you prefer Walmart or the BX/PX/NEX/MCX? Target over Walmart but the exchange on Coronado has a HANDBAG store!

15. How did your husband propose? One knee in front of the restaurant we went to on our first date!

16. Did you marry him after he joined or before?  After… he had 9 years in when we met

17. How long have you been together? Almost 5 years

18. Any kids? An AMAZING DIVA!

19. Any kids yet to come? We’ll talk AFTER he comes home!

20. Is your husband one of those "I am soldier hear me HOOAH" kind of guys?  OH YEAH… well not so much after this deployment but he sure was before.

21. Have you ever done combatives with your husband?  YEP- I am a test dummy

22. How many bases have you lived at? 0

23. If you could change one thing about the military?  OOH, I got nothing!  Maybe allow the service member to make his family a little more of a priority over their branch of service?  Maybe?

24. Do you like military balls?  Yes- I have been with friends and they are pretty fantastic

25. Where does your family live? Mine in AZ, his is FL, CA and NV

26. What do you do for a job? I am a healthcare ninja!

27. Have you ever gotten in a fight with an NCO's wife? No

28. Name one thing you do when your husband is gone.  Save money… haha

29. Do you think other wives do that too?  HECK YEAH! 

Friday, June 10

YAY! TGIF MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

I love learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers!  I learn so much about my fellow bloggers and can’t wait to learn more. 
Each week, Wife of a Sailor will post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Head back on Friday and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs.  And please feel free to use the button above!
This week’s questions are:

1.          When you vacation what type of vacation do you like to take (beach, historic, adventurous, food oriented, etc.)? submitted by Megan Dub-Yuh
We love beach vacations with adventure.  Hubby and I went to Kauai and spent our time Zip-lining and snorkling! 
2.          What is your best memory associated with a song (you know we all have tons!) submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife
Dancing to ‘Raise Your Glass” with Diva before work – SHE LOVES IT and so does mommy!
3.          If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with your time? submitted by Married to the Army
I would volunteer every day to plan some GREAT events to benefit others… after hitting the gym and being in PHENOMENAL shape!
4.          What is one thing about you that people do NOT typically notice at first that you wish they would? submitted by Our Motto is Patience
My shoes!  I have GREAT shoes… and HUGE feet so it’s more impressive that I can find great shoes to fit my stupid skis!
5.          …. submitted by The Three Turners:
 It’s a summer of sequels, and if you had to live in one of each of the following “worlds” (there are three total) which would you choose and why? 
–Harry Potter: Be a Witch or Muggle?  I would TOTALLY choose Harry Potter… and be a Muggle.  That would be the best of both worlds which seems pretty great!  I would LOVE to cast spells, fly on brooms and be able to play with time.

Thursday, June 9

5 Things on my thoughtful Thursday

Happy Thursday!

I love link ups... so today I am linking up to the Thursday 5 from

Anyone else feel like this week should be over already?
Time to link-up and share the five things that have made you...

My older sister made me HAPPY this week.  She randomly sent me a text telling me that she was proud of me… me?  My gosh she is a new Nurse, getting her degree while raising boys and a husband... talk about PROUD.   

I am GIDDY this week after seeing friends on Monday.  Spending time with friends that have withstood the test of time is truly a blessing

I am JOYFUL for the opportunities that deployment has brought to us.  The opportunity to move forward on the best foot in both life and our love as a family.

I am EXCITED that this month is here as Hubby gets home from the sandbox this month… well not home to CA but home to the US!  I am EXCITED to sleep again without worry that something is going to happen and not have to totally avoid the news for few of anxiety!

I am APPRECIATIVE of the women that have called me virtually every day, have been my shoulder to cry on, my voice of reason and my biggest supporters during this deployment.  I realize it more as this winds down… but they have made this bearable! 

Miss Diva wanted to climb the rock wall - she did her best and didn't quit.  I was so proud of her... I need to remember the same lessons.

Wednesday, June 8

Why I LOVE American

First I must say that I ONLY fly American Airlines – My husband only flies American, or Southwest depending on length of flight… this is because of the support in our military and families of our fallen that they have shown me.  It’s the American ticketing agent that politely gets my Priority Pass to meet my soldier at the gate thanking me for both of our service, it was the American gate agent that announced his arrival in the terminal because every returning service member should have a country thanking him when he gets off the plane, it was the American ticketing agents that silently had tears in their eyes as we waited at the airport AFTER R&R and it’s the American Airlines company that flies families of our fallen to different events throughout the country free of charge.  I will stick with American thank you very much.

That all being said – there is quite a stir about a recent Delta flight out of Baltimore.  34 soldiers were coming through the airport on their way home from Afghanistan with orders showing 4 allowed bags with no charge.  Here is the problem – Delta’s policy is 3 bags for traveling military with a cost of $200 per additional bag.  This added up to almost $2800 for the returning unit.  Several of the junior soldiers had no financial means with them to pay this fee.  As soon as the unit boarded the flight they recorded a video and placed it on youtube, which has since become viral.

So what are your thoughts?  Is Delta in the wrong?  What is the fault of whoever provided the orders as they should have confirmed with the airport?  Not the way any deployed service member wants to be welcomed home… that’s for sure.

Tuesday, June 7

Lobsters in Bikinis!

The last 2 weekends have been ALL about the pool!  Diva loves to swim and I love to lay in the sun and relax.  I don't want to hear all about how bad the sun is and cancer...blah!  After the outbreak of leperacy in November, December AND January my skin is still all blotchy so I need a natural tan to even it out.  ANYHOO - Memorial Day weekend I laid out, like a genius, with Hawaiian Tropic OIL on for an hour and FRIED my chest (mainly in between the girls) and my shins.  Oh yeah, my heritiage is WHITE (Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Fin and a little German!) so I burn easy anyhow.  I got so immersed in watching Diva dive and reading my Kindle that I lost track of time... GREAT.  TONS of aloe and lotion later its livable and I looked like I was wearing a white bikini on the front and my back was just white.  So this past weekend I decided to lay on my stomach and try to tan the back to even it out at least a little.  NO SUCH LUCK.  Well, ok a little luck.  I FRIED my lower back and butt!  So, perma-white bikini on the bottom and only the front on top.  CRAP!
I didn't notice the butt burn until I was playing skee-ball last night and my jeans rubbed it... SERIOUSLY it must be a joke.  Maybe this weekend I can just brown up a bit and no longer look like a bikini wearing LOBSTER!
Sidenote- Diva now looks like a South American native with her rediculously quick browning skin!

Monday, June 6

“Baby, that really still bothers you?”

The words uttered by Hubby on Sunday’s Skype date.  HUH?  I love when he makes out of the blue question references to something that I am sure I should know about.  So I nicely ask him WTH he is talking about, I mean really l love!  He read my blog… like the WHOLE first page and was commenting that his lack of handwritten cards, and the one forgotten when he left after leave, still bothered me.  I didn’t know which one was sweeter, the fact he read my blog (he says he keeps up with me occasionally that way) or that he was concerned enough to mention it.  His witty retort was something along the lines of “umm honey… did you forget there was a war going on and I am a busy busy man?”  I laughed, almost uncontrollably, at this statement for a myriad of reasons. One MAJOR one being, that the aforementioned forgotten letter was BEFORE he left to go back so that didn’t work.  Besides, his face froze in some contorted way on Skype when this was said which just made the whole thing funny… thank you Skype.   I love him so much. 
Now that we are FULLY in June I can not begin to concele the excitement of the next few weeks.  Diva will be finishing 1st Grade, Hubby will be headed back to the states, my in-laws will be in town… then just a few weeks after that we will be moving, Diva will be starting her 3 weeks of camp and then Hubby will be home!  HOLY MOLY… all the things we have waited on for the last 14 months will be here!

This weekend little Miss Diva became the BIGGEST BOOGER.  She cried because I told her she was being a big sticky green booger!  Well it was true… she cried for 45 minutes, while daddy listened (repeating, that can’t be MY angel, are you sure it’s just over clothes…. SERIOUSLY MAN!), because I told her to make sure her clothes were put away nicely.  Apparently they weren’t before I said this.  Then she spent the evening last night rolling her eyes at me, to which she lost TV for a week.  The 7 year old attitude is just not going to fly.  Stomping down the hallway… kicking things and talking back.  YEAH, she may not happily make it to see 2nd grade.  I may just ship her off to military school in Nova Scotia or something!

Well… The weekend is over and the nervously excited countdowns begin!  All in all it was a FANTASTIC weekend.  Looking forward to packing boxes, counting down days and seeing Hubby sooner than later.  Wow, to be a ‘normal’ family again will be BIZARRE!

Friday, June 3

Friday Fill In

I love learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers!  I learn so much about my fellow bloggers and can’t wait to learn more. 
Each week, Wife of a Sailor will post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Head back on Friday and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs.  And please feel free to use the button above!
This week’s questions are:
This week’s questions are:
1. It’s now June (woot!)… what plans do you have for the summer?
HUBBY is coming home, Diva is spending 2 weeks camping… oh and I have a birthday.  BIGGEST news is… WE ARE MOVING
2. What is your favorite summer memory as a kid?
I loved to camp with my family at the lake.. that was the best memories.  Sunburns and dogs… float with my mom just talking.
3. If wild animals could be made pets without fear of them ever being dangerous, what kind of exotic animal would you want as a pet?
I would LOVE to have an elephant, I have always wanted one.  They are super cute and look sweet.
4. Is there anything about deployments that you do like? submitted by The Thrifty Military Wife
We are buying a house, learning an awesome way of communication and learning about ourselves and our strength.
5. I’m starting to run out of questions again… so please give me a question you’d like to see (off-the-wall will most likely make it because we seem to have used a lot of the “traditional” ones).
Did you/Do you plan to get PG before or during deployment (R&R)?
WE talked about how cool it would be BUT my darling sweet visitor came 2 weeks LATE just to show up the same day he did.  CRAP!
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