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Thursday, December 30


As the end of the year approaches I find myself getting giddier about 2011.  I don’t think I have ever been this happy about seeing a year end, but let me tell you… I am just ELATED!  2010 has been a year of so many changes, both good and bad.  When we stepped into 2010 it was almost like a cloud over us, with this looming idea of deployment.  We didn’t know when, where or anything just that it was a possibility.  February moved us into a new apartment, bigger and more of a home.  Then in March we got our timeframe and in April brought the first 45 days of training… then home for 2 weeks and in July we started this deployment.  The last few months have been consumed with school, work, daisies… gymnastics, appearances and events, volunteer functions, fundraising and well… LIFE.  I swear this year has just flown by.


I don’t really believe in rituals or resolutions for the new year…. What I will say is that I am looking forward to having my husband home, expanding our family, and possibly buying a house…. Beyond that I am hoping for a relaxed and positive year that brings as much love as a family can handle.

Ok… enough MUSH.  I must say this deployment is a real pain.  I get distracted easily and tell people that my total lack of memory is deployment brain, I mean if pregnant women can have pregnancy brain then I get this! 


Wednesday, December 29

HOLY SMOKES... It's getting close!

When Big Daddy left I kept the house PERFECT for him, I guess I wasn't ready to accept that he was in fact gone.  Then I got a little lazy and allowed the house to be less than military inspection worthy, I let the garage pile up and turn into a junk drawer... I didnt' finish my decorating and never cleaned out the office closet as I planned.  I knew that I had 9 months until he was home....  well, we are now just over 90 days from R&R.  The time has just flown by.  NOW I need to get my butt into gear and get these things done.  I started Monday on the garage and it’s almost done!  When he got home from his last deployment he left 3 or 4 footlockers at the unit until this past March… needless to say most were things that were totally unneeded for him.  I was able to empty most of our stuff into these footlockers… then my Grandmother gave me her and her fathers footlockers from WWI and WWII!  These are WAY easier to stack and fill than the Rubbermaid containers!  Last night, I brought in a 20 Gal tub of just pictures and emptied that out, throwing things away and putting loose pictures into albums.  That feels good.  Today is one more container to go through, then tomorrow is the final day for donations and mom in law is coming to get the remaining plastic tubs so I can park in my garage.  Did you know that’s where you are supposed to park… which would be so nice in all this rain! 
Next stop is the office, I need to clean out the closet and finish putting up his military wall.  I am thinking about getting a new desk so I have more wall space to put up his stuff.  Then it will be just minor tweaks throughout until he gets home.
I am amazed at how this time has flown.  We are currently in the double digits and because we waited SO long for this we will never have more than 99 days before we see each other.  I am so happy that this is on the back end.  We hit half way on Monday; maybe that was the turning point in my head.  I don’t know what it was but here we go….

Tuesday, December 28


This weekend was insanity, pure and total insanity.  I am just amazed at how much family is wonderful and draining at the same time.  Its just CRAZY.  We had my family staying with us, so that was a total of 6 people in our 1270SF apartment, plus our 2 dogs and cat.  Then Christmas morning brought my mother in laws smiling face.  Ok  I was bless to be able to talk to BD 4 days on Skype this weekend AND Skype decided that it wanted to cooperate with us and he was able to stay on the ENTIRE time that Diva opened her presents.  What a blessing that was.  To be able to watch him just light up seeing her gifts, mine and his.  It was great!
Then Sunday, after the family left we got to chat a bit.  We are both just counting down to R&R now… just under 100 days.  By that time we will be at a year since this all started.  It’s weird with the reserves.  He left for training on April 23, for almost 2 months, then home for 12 days and gone.  So it’s been a long time coming.  Monday I was stuck home so another day of Skype~ YAY!  That’s a months worth of Skype in just 4 days. 
This weekend for NYQ we are off to Bakersfield to see some friends.  The husband is vacationing with mine so the wife and I have gotten extremely close.  They also have 2 little boys that are Diva’s age.  Diva has decided that she will marry the older one while the little one (he’s 4) is my boyfriend while daddy is gone.  Umm... Ok!  We love our little get together’s and try to get together every few months to just chill.  She and I will be lifelong friends, something I love about the military.  There is a bond that is created when you experience something like this together.

Sidenote- My Christmas tree never arrived but my husband and his roommate vow to put it up upon receipt no matter the holiday…. Stupid USPS!

Saturday, December 25

Merry Christmas

Whether your service member is here or not enjoy the day.  We were able to Skype with Big Daddy tonight for a few moments... my whole family got to say hello.  This was quite a treat because I talked to him for over an hour this morning.  I feel so blessed to have this option.  This evening was tough, I cried.  I hate not having him here for the holidays, it's our favorite holiday to celebrate. It was growing up for me and it was growing up for him so our mutual love of Christmas has carried over into our marriage and Diva's life. 
I spent an hour tonight trying to get his laptop to work in the living room, hooked up to my desk top so that he can log on and we can open presents via skype tomorrow morning.... crap THIS morning as its after 2am!  I am CRAZY... Thank you to Cox Communications for having a 24 hour customer service that is open on Christmas Day too.  I told the guy that he just made a 6 year old's Christmas as that was one of the only things that she asked for.  She did open her DVD's tonight but didnt get to watch them because he called on Skype and his own voice was too loud in the background.  Haha.  She was so excited to see him. CUTE moment. 
I better get to making breakfast prep....


Thursday, December 23

All I want for Christmas is....

My soldier home.... haha.  Ok, my two front teeth just sounded weird.  I am so happy about tomorrow being Christmas Eve and my family being here.  Diva has the coolest gift to open tomorrow night... even I am excited about it.  Thank you to the military programs for making this possible - he was able to record himself reading 2 books to her on DVD.  I can't wait for her to see this.... and honestly I cant wait to see him.  I mean Skype is nice but to see my amazing husband without pixelated freezing screen... talking to his daughter.  Nothing is hotter to me.
Yep, my husband is H-O-T!  I love it... I love seeing him and knowing how hot he is.  hee hee. I can't wait for R&R, just over 100 days left!!!!

Wednesday, December 22

I need an Ark!

This is not a day that I want to be driving... I want to be home cuddled up with my love watching stupid chick flicks... lounging and doing whatever it is married people do with kids at school.  Beyond that desire... Rain SUCKS!
It has not stopped raining more than 10 minutes in the last 4 days!  Everything is flooded, there are mudslides in places that it makes no sense... TOO MUCH WATER! Took me over an hour to drive 6.9 miles!  STUPID TRAFFIC... and people.  Poor Roger needs a good run but there is not much I can do in the pouring rain!  This is just ridiculous.  I told Big Daddy... he laughed and said that he wished it had rained there.  Well... he can have it. 
At this point I am not sure if my family will make it for Christmas, my Grandma is whining about the rain and her health... Diva wants to wear skirts because one of her little friends is.  Can it just be January 1st already... at least then BD will be home in the same year!  Yep... I am grumpy. 

The weather we have had in Southern California this year has just kept me grumpy... no joy in gloomy weather.  It can all just go away and give me my sun back... I pay sunshine tax for a reason darnit!

Tuesday, December 21

T Minus 3 days

I have a relatively large family when we ALL get together (my sister has 5 rugrats all by herself!)... but for Christmas I get the pleasure of my parents, my 15 year old brother and my Grandma all staying at our home.  Incidentally we live in a 1275SF, 3 bedroom apartment.  I have made room for everyone and know that someone will complain.  This year my father in law and his wife won't be able to make the trip due to the weather coming out of Nevada... this is the first Christmas he hasn't been down in 19 years.  Diva doesn't know that Grandpa isn't coming down, I haven't had the heart to break it to her but I know that she will be happy seeing my parents and brother. 
My parents live out of state and I only get to see them twice a year so Christmas will be nice for 3 days... and I get to hang out with my brother.  Having a 15 year old brother causes its own issues, people question if he is my kid because we look alike... they have done this since I was 16!  Yes, awkward conversation for a 16 year old about protection with the grocery store lady.  Umm... ma'am I have only kissed 1 boy, so having a baby really isn't an issue here.  Thanks though for explaining the use of 'rubbers' to me in front of a line of people simply because I am carrying a baby.  Diva has dark brown hair and olive skin... Big Daddy is part Japanese so she took after him and NOT me.  Funny enough people ask me if I am her nanny! 
My Grandma is also staying at my house... so I get to deal with the joys of a new puppy and oxygen tubing!  Sadly... I will believe all these people showing up when I see their shiny faces at my house and not a moment sooner... usually they are the ones that let me down first.  With Big Daddy gone for Christmas I know it will be hard and I couldn't handle my family letting me down but if they do, I am sure it will be the same excuses I have heard my whole life.


Monday, December 20

He LOVES me... PHEW!

So... the big thing I did...  My husband was hysterical in his response but he knows that I am not an impulsive anything.  He actually told me that the last two things I fell in love with made him know that this was perfect... those two things were him and Diva.   Isn't he sweet!
Yes, I added to my already swamped plate with a cute new puppy.  He is 8 months and a rescue... we now have a pound puppy named ROGER.  He is a Jack Russel/Welsh Corgi mix.    Yes, the perfect military name.  haha.  Last night he slept with our 6 year old Shih-tzu and they are friends, thank goodness.  haha. 

Diva and Daddy on Skype!  Wow... my desk is a mess.

Yesterday was also a date day for daddy and Diva.  She had her hot cocoa in hand and so did he.  She is finally starting to understand and appreciate Skype for what it is... glorified TV.  They have had two awesome dates where their interaction was more than one worded answers and spinning in the chair (yes, Diva LOVES to spin!).  Usually I leave but keep Skype open on my phone and IM him occasionally to make sure that things are still going well.  I get about 10 minutes on a great day... this weekend I got almost 30!  How wonderful.

Then it was the girls baking day.... sadly this is usually a pretty big deal.  All 4 girls (mom in law and sis in law included) converge at mom in laws house and bake while the boys hang lights.  This year it's 3 girls and no boys.  BOO!  We still had fun and made mint chocolate brownies and cresent cookies.  Really it's just another excuse for my mother in law and I to hang out and Diva to not have to clean her room. 

T-MINUS 4 days before my family gets here... LOTS of work to do.  Happy Christmas week all.

Saturday, December 18

hmmm... so I wonder

My husband is amazingly unbelievable and perfect for me.  I am not very inpulsive with things and think that life is about balance and decisions.... I did something impulsive today, WAY outside of my comfort zone but I am confident with my decision HOWEVER.... I am not sure if my husband will agree.  I am actually going to break the news to him on Skype tomorrow morning, should be interesting to say the least.  I hope that his love and understanding will forgo him calling me a TOTAL nutjob.  WE SHALL SEE.  Did I mention that I am madly in love with him and PRAY that he will understand?

Friday, December 17

Yep... I did it!

It happened… yep, after 5 months I finally did it.  I called BD cell phone on accident.  I was lonely and wanted to talk to him about something so I just dialed the number…. I was just heartbroken and felt stupid when I realized what I had done and the Sprint message came up saying the number was on hold.  Then I felt lonelier than ever…. Then I started to laugh.  I thought about what he was going to say when I told him, and how silly it was…. And how great R&R will be and then my mind got so full of other stuff I wasn’t sad.  Really…. Oh good grief, maybe I have officially lost it?  Isn’t the mind the first thing that goes?

I am so excited about the weekend.  Diva and I have a bunch of stuff planned.  Tonight is our big Daisies holiday party, yep… this mom is the co-leader!  I get to rush home after work to make a Christmas tradition, truth be told I am SO happy that I have a 6 year old because I convinced her that the item I am making is something that I have made EVERY Christmas morning however, yep… you guessed it, I have NEVER made this for Christmas.  Our Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve dinner at mom in laws, Christmas morning at our place and then BD goes to work and I spend the afternoon alone with Diva cleaning up from the morning.  That’s been our Christmas since we have been married… I always feel blessed that he gets to be there for presents Christmas morning so the afternoon is really just not a big deal.
Well… onto our weekend.  Tomorrow is a beach cleanup, a Daisy event and visiting shelter dogs.  How fun!  Then Sunday…. Well Sunday is baking day.  I am very excited about that.  I love family baking day… usually it’s the 4 girls (Diva and I, my mom in law and my sis in law) bake 3 or 4 types of cookies while the boys put up the Christmas lights.  This year… well TOTALLY different.  It’s the 3 girls …. And no boys.  Sad and different but I think we are all getting used to it.  I am looking forward to making Daddy’s favorite cookies and mailing them to him for the New Years.  Got to get that box done this weekend too; I love the themed boxes.  This one will have to be all NYE stuff…. Yippee

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Thursday, December 16

A Glee-ful Christmas~

Thank you to a WONDERFUL Army wife and her love of Glee I went out and bought the Christmas Glee Album and heard this song.  The words just resonated with me through and through… Christmas without my darling.  WEIRD. 
The first Christmas we were dating was about 6 weeks into it and I actually drove home on Christmas Day, 7+ hours from my parents just to spend that evening with him.  He met me out front of my place looking AMAZING in a Banana Republic long black coat.  He was SO hot!  I looked a mess from driving and no sleep and being a new mom.  I got out of my car and we just hugged, promising to never spend another Christmas apart.... until this year.  It seems like that was yesterday... so funny.

I picked up our Christmas cards and will send tomorrow… without his input, weird.  I mean, he is on the card and they are ALL about him and our family but WEIRD.  There are no presents for him under our tree… they are with him.  All the gift tags are in my writing…. It’s all so strange BUT at least I know that 2 days after Christmas is
… thank goodness we are ALMOST there.  Anyhow, here is the song that started it all.


Greeting cards have all been sent
The Christmas rush is through
But I still have one wish to make
A special one for you

Merry Christmas, darling
We're apart, that's true
But I can dream
And in my dreams
I'm Christmasing with you
Holidays are joyful
There's always something new
But every day's a holiday
When I'm near to you
The lights on my tree
I wish you could see
I wish it every day
The logs on the fire
Fill me with desire
To see you and to say
That I wish you Merry Christmas
Happy New Year too
I've just one wish
On this Christmas Eve
I wish I were with you
The logs on the fire
Fill me with desire
To see you and to say
That I wish you Merry Christmas
Happy New Year too
I've just one wish
On this Christmas Eve
I wish I were with you

Merry Christmas, darling

Wednesday, December 15

Giveaway over on the Annoyed Army Wife

I have been secretly reading this blog for a few months... the girl is funny.  I can tell that she, like me, writes the same as she speaks which makes her blog and sarcasm very refreshing.  Her husband has given her some great advice as to not buy anything else for the house while he is deployed... so she is giving away her gift card as to avoid possible temptation.  I would like to win said card... as I still need to finish our place just in time to move when Big Daddy gets back.  OH WELL....

Here goes nothing.  Visit her blog and check her out!


A special place in ..... for the USPS

We have been at war in Iraq for what over 9 years now and the postal service still sucks!  I am simply amazed that in all this time we still can't quite figure out postage for our military!  I mailed a Christmas tree to my husband on November 22 to ensure it would be there before the Christmas rush and all his gifts. I sent the damn thing priority, being told 7-13 business days.  Well here we are on the 15th of December and you guessed it… IT’S NOT THERE.  So this morning I call the wonderful people at the postal service, was transferred to international mail customer service… by the way they can’t help.  I asked WHY I spent extra money for priority if there is zero way for them to confirm or track that it would happen.  There is a special place in hell for people that screw military families out of money!  Her response to me: “ Ma’am, there is a war going on over there and no way for us to guarantee anything”  WOW, really, a war!?  I WAS TOTALLY UNAWARE AS TO WHY MY HUSBAND HAS BEEN GONE FOR 8 MONTHS!  Thank you for letting me know, I was getting concerned that his GROCERY store trip was taking too long!   Yep, I hung up… wanted to cry but just got more and more angry.  Then I called the military post office customer service line, surely they can help.  It’s a recording directing you to a website that is JUST a feedback form… most likely unmonitored.  WONDERFUL.  Today just sucks!

Our military... they rely on their mail especially during the holidays
Here is the letter that I sent to the USPS:

On 11/22 I mailed a Christmas tree to my husband in Iraq.  I spent the extra postage to ship this item priority being told he should have it in 7-13 just like the flat rate boxes I sent with it.  Here we are on 12/15 and this PRIORITY MAIL Christmas tree still has not been received.  My husband has been gone for 8 months, spending Christmas away from his daughter and I again fighting a war. 
When I contacted your customer service I was told that there was no guarantee because "There is a war going on".  Really I was blissfully unaware that my husband and his unit were continuing to fight for the freedom of our country.  I am simply amazed that the USPS would take additional money from military families at Christmas no less with ZERO intention of getting packages there in the time frame provided.  What makes this even worse is that there was a package sent by my mother in law that was 23lbs and sent PARCEL POST on 12/8 that has already arrived. 
There is a special place reserved in the afterlife for people and organizations that prey on the vulnerability of military families. 
I would LOVE to know where my husbands Christmas Tree is.   I called the military postal number which is just a recording that prompts you to visit their website which is just a feedback form.  My husband says that the individuals in the post office in Bagdad are postal employees... I bet their packages are delivered promptly.  Its simply the soldiers who are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom that get screwed!

Tuesday, December 14

Arguing SUCKS

** I have a WHOLE separate issue here…. Getting mad at him via skype. So arguing in a relationship SUCKS, whether you are together or apart.  BUT Skype arguing is the worst.  It’s delayed, pixilated and just generally that much more aggravating.  Big Daddy and I had a minor disagreement over the current raising of our beautiful Diva.   Lately too many people have been giving me their TWO CENTS on how and what I do with her.  Yes, she is 6 however at 6 she is able to sit through a board meeting, do her homework, meet and politely greet new people regardless of their position.  On the flip side she is a total spaz that loves to dance and entertain EVERYONE in our section at a hockey game and has a HUGE ambition to get on a jumbo tron at a hockey game (BY THE WAY… she did that on Sunday!)  So forgive me for having a full time job.  Yes… people don’t get that I work outside of the home.  My normal day is up at 5:30 – shower and get myself ready(ish) then get Diva up at 6:30 and ready, lunch made and out the door BY 7.  Drop her cute self off, and then head to work.  Work is over and, depending on the day it’s either kickboxing or a board meeting, then home for dinner, homework, playtime, reading, bath and then bed.  She is in bed by 7:30/8.  Oh and this is with the exception of a Daisy troop things OR gymnastics. WHEW!
Yes, that is a normal day for us.  So… if I can pick her up and have her come to a meeting with me, learn about helping others and giving back in addition to how to properly behave then I think it’s worth it.  Besides its just that much more time she gets to spend being a big girl with mommy!  Well, Saturday morning a friend commented that I ‘shuttle’ Diva everywhere and am not keeping up with my parental duties… oh and let me point out that Diva is pretty much either at school or with me.  It irritated me…   Then yesterday BD decided he would ask WHY.  Ok, in my defense now I don’t remember the exact verbiage but I thought he was being rhetorical not literal so I flipped.  I was so mad that I felt like he was questioning my parenting.  25 minutes later we had to hang up and I was mad still.  I hate arguing with him.  Yes, he is an amazing father and I know that his love for us is infinite.  I know NOW that he wasn’t questioning me or the situation he was just inquiring.  At the time, trying to rush to the aforementioned events on Sunday I was snippy and tired and basically just annoyed.

So in short… don’t fight on Skype.  Its, sadly better than email because at least you can somewhat get context of the conversation BUT it’s just no good!  Or in the words of Diva, it’s No BUENO!

YAY, it’s Monday! OH WAIT…

I was so overwhelmed with LIFE yesterday that I didn’t hit publish, so it’s TUESDAY.  An even BIGGER YAY!

Diva and I had an excruciatingly busy weekend… wait is that even a word?  Well. It’s my blog so, yes excruciatingly is a word.  Anyhow, we went to see our first hockey game of the season… I LOVE hockey and Big Daddy loves hockey so it’s a great love.  Diva has learned she doesn’t have a choice, haha.  She loves the music and the chanting… but has yet to figure out anything about the game.  BUT her love of the aforementioned noise gives me 3 periods of hockey.  So I do not complain.  I don’t think that Diva, Big Daddy and I have ever attended a hockey game together… huh, interesting!  Anyhow, Diva crashed on my lap during the second period… pointing out that there were 3 goals scored and she never even twitched.  That’s daddy’s girl!  So, when the game went to a shootout I realized it would be WAY easier to coral/guide a half sleeping child through EMPTY halls so we left.  DOWNFALL… 4” boots and we were 8rows from the ice and my almost 7 year old was ASLEEP.  Yep, I carried her up 10 rows… no help was even offered THANKS SO CAL PEOPLE!  Get to the top, almost fell over… sat her down long enough to wake her up enough to walk.  Some man in a suit commented from the top… “Wow and you did that in THOSE, impressive”  Yes, thank you juice box (I got busted a few years ago calling a fellow driver a douche bag, so it has been changed to juice box to keep mommy out of trouble) So… home we headed and yes I ended up carrying her quite a bit.  My calves were BURNING the next morning.  But no rest for this Army wife.
Saturday was Diva’s date with daddy… then off to a HUGE milestone in our family.  My big sister fulfilled the first part of her lifelong dream and was pinned an unlicensed RN!  Yep, I have a cool big sis that I can now call for all my ailments BEFORE I waste ANY more time in the doctor’s office… I always wanted her to be an obstetrics nurse so she could deliver my babies… yes thought it would be cool.  Anyhow… I am so proud of her BUT with Diva and her snot we had to head home for a nap.  3 hours later, yes Diva was feeling that crappy…. I wrapped almost all my Christmas gifts and watched ‘Its Complicated’, cute but ehhh….  Saturday night we went to friends for pizza and a movie.  Diva LOVES hanging out with her friends and I love that I can relax for a few moments.  It doesn’t hurt that they live in our complex so we can just walk.
Sunday was THE DAY!  Skype in the morning with BD * see next post *, then off to see the Nutcracker Ballet in San Diego with friends, what an amazing show!  Diva just watched in awe and has decided that ballet will be her next extracurricular… this week.  After the calmness of the ballet it was off to see HOCKEY.  My new favorite sport.  I love hockey, I love the fights, I love the fans… the energy and excitement.  We get there just in time for the puck to drop (I misread the time and thought we were going to be 30 minutes late instead of early! YAY ME!) So we changed IN THE CAR on our drive from our cute summer (86 degree weather) sundresses to hockey appropriate Uggs and skinny jeans.  After an awesome game, we won 6-2 and a Diva on the jumbo tron we headed to grammy’s for a visit then home. 

PHEW I WAS BEAT!  Still am, to be honest.  Haha.  I love being a mommy, I love being a Princess… and I love my Diva and Soldier!

Wednesday, December 8

Lets talk about....

Dear Random ‘Friend/Acquaintance”,
Thank you so much for the concern about my sex life.  Yes, I do realize my husband left 5 months ago… and yep that means 5 months without sex!  No, I do not need an invite to a Naughty Girl or Brown Bag party. First of all if my husband was HOME you would not be asking me the last time we were intimate would you?  HIGHLY doubtful!  Please don’t ask again as I am all good.


His Princess

First off... I LOVE this old Salt N Pepa song.  I remember singing it before I even knew what it meant.  Along with Push It.  Now that I do, see the comedy. 

Yes, the above note is due to an overwhelming interest in my sex life, or lack thereof.  It has become quite the topic for people for some ODD reason.  Friends, acquaintances and an occasional family member seem to have NO problem asking me if I need toys. Umm, really?! .  I am, by far, not the most conservative person but there are still some things that I just don’t think are appropriate for conversation… this being one of them.  I would not elaborate on my intimacy with my husband, nor should you ask.  Do you think that the addition of cold plastic instead of a warm body is the thing that makes the conversation appropriate?  I did attend a Naughty Girl party thrown by a fellow military wife.  This was shortly after my husband left, it was a group of deployed wives and we were NUTS.  IT was so much fun to be around other ladies that just got it.  I don’t have many military friends, joys of the reserves, so to have people just get it was nice.  Ok… so then the toys and the other things came out of the Party Gals box.  I was overwhelmed to say the least.  We played and passed each item, giggling like children most of the time.  Ladies mentioned if they had or had used a particular product, giving or asking for reviews.  This was totally acceptable to me as it was a group of ladies and no one was being overtly sexually personal. 

However, with all of this said… please don’t think that I need you, random person, to ask me if I need toys or a booty call (yep got that offer as well).  I am human, I miss being intimate with my love BUT that does not mean I want to have a conversation about it.

Enough Said!

Tuesday, December 7

Spot… I see spots!

On Thursday I finally went to the doctor for this stupid cold and dry spot on my chest.  I swear, if it’s not one thing its another.  The spot had gotten bigger and I figured if I was already there then why not have it looked at too. 
*Side Note* When we went on orders and got Tricare I had to switch ALL of my doctors.  This is a HUGE pain and inconvenience because next year I will have to switch them all back.

Ok… so I go visit new Doctor guy who is very pleasant, only kept me waiting about 35 minutes total (Not so bad because I had to fill out about 7000 forms knowing full well they would ask me about them in the office anyhow).  I get into the office and he about 80 years old, from South Africa and sweet as can be.  So… he starts asking me all of the same questions from the aforementioned paperwork.  Allergies, surgeries, current medications… I answer all honestly.  He looks at my chart and asks if I am married, YEP, so you are using WHICH form of birth control.  I smiles and clearly said, “Deployment, it’s the best form sir”.  He laughs and asks a few other questions and then starts diagnosing my cold.  Yep, just the common take Nyquil and sleep kind… yes, did I mention I have a 6 year old and my husband is gone… what the hell is sleep!  Then the stupid spot… yep, dog or cat scratch caused allergic reaction.  Here is some medication for that.  Enjoy.
YIPPEE… the spot should be gone by my BIG event Saturday night.  I was elated.  I took the rest of the day off to sleep, and I got to have a little secret Skype talk with Big Daddy.  This was the first time we have been able to talk alone.  His roommate was gone, no Diva running in and out asking 1001 questions.  It was so nice to flirt with him… and maybe tease him just a little.  Haha. 
Fast forward to Saturday.  I was trying on gowns for Saturday night and guess what Diva says to me… of course standing virtually naked… Mommy, WHAT is all over your tummy?  I look in the mirror and I have bumps, itchy red bumps!  I thought my skin was dry and that’s why I was itchy… WRONG! 
Here we are on MONDAY… I slept a grand total of 3 itchy hours last night and have wanted to crawl out of my skin all day long.  BD thinks its mildly funny, my mom is convinced that its chicken pox, mom in law said bed bugs and my guess is that I am allergic to the Thursday meds. 

Off to the doctor I go.  Did I mention he has been practicing medicine for 55 years!

Saturday, December 4

The Laundry MONSTER

Do you remember when you were younger and you could NEVER match up all of your socks?  Your mom would yell that money doesn’t grow on trees, there is no dryer monster and you could just go to school barefooted for all she cared?!  No?  So… maybe that was just my mom.  Regardless, even as a 30-something adult I am still convinced there is a dryer monster except now he isn’t limited to socks!  He shrinks my favorite Banana Republic sweater, makes whole outfits disappear and somehow makes Diva convinced that my thongs are really her underwear just shrunken.  Yes, I absolutely hate laundry.  I hate all that it stands for. 
I have even been stealing Big Daddy’s socks lately… I swear all of my black socks have grown legs and walked away.  Sometimes I find my socks with Diva’s which is really bizarre because I don’t wash our clothes together… EVER.  I mean heaven only knows what the stains and marks on her clothes are.  I have seen everything from food, to markers and paint… grass stains… and then the UNKNOWN stains.  So, I DO NOT want any of that intermingling with my clothes.  The frustration just mounts when she comes in and says “MOM, you forgot to wash my jeans!” stomping her foot.  Well dear sweet child, I forget to wash my hair and occasionally to put on a bra so excuse me that I forgot YOUR laundry.  Which, by the way, she changes 3 outfits and day JUST BECAUSE and swears they are all dirty. 

Today was the best example of all this… I did 5 loads of MY laundry yesterday, all still waiting to be put away but that’s a different story, and I still have 2 more.  Yes, I have A LOT of clothes.  I don’t wash pants with each wearing unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, so this is basically shirts, underwear and gym clothes.  In my focus I didn’t check Diva’s drawers to confirm her favorite jeans were in there.  So as I send her off to get dressed this morning I hear… MOM!  I have ZERO jeans.  I walk in and tell her that it’s really her problem because I didn’t know and she should monitor her OWN clothes.  She looks me dead in the eye, 1 hand on her hip and her head cocked up and says, “umm… mommy, I told you Sunday when I wore my last pair.” Oh, crap!  She did but I forgot so…. She wore her uniform pants and a random shirt.  She was NOT happy with my in the least.  She stomped around for 20 minutes… told me she looked stupid, ugly and that the pants were too big.  I thought I had YEARS before she had this much attitude.  GUESS NOT!

Have I mentioned that I HATE laundry!

Friday, December 3

Total meltdown at the post office!

Yesterday I went to mail Big Daddy’s 4th and final Christmas box.  The other 3 were mailed the day before without problem… yesterday I was not so lucky!  I walked in with 25 minutes to spare, my customs form filled out, the box neatly labeled and closed.  I was ready to just pay my $10.50 and leave.  As I walk up to the counter there are no numbers to pull, so I politely waited until the guy in front of me was called knowing I would have logically been the next person.  Well without me realizing it… apparently they fixed the number counter while I waited, about 5 minutes.  As soon as the guy in front of me was done and they called the next number I walked up to pay for and mail my package.  Yep, you guessed it someone actually HAD that number so I was sent to the back of the line.  Upset but whatever… another 10 minutes goes by before I get my turn.  I walk up and present everything only for the post office lady to tell me that my box would NOT be sent flat rate because it wasn’t sealed in their preferred manner and the box was somewhat bowed from being overstuffed.  I decided, somewhat quietly, to repackage the box.  I had a large, somewhat strong looking man assist me in squishing the box together to be their PREFERRED sealing method and headed back up to the counter.  Did you know that they have Priority Mail boxes that are NOT flat rate?  Well, if you did you are smarter than me because I just grabbed a priority box and did it.  Back at the counter the lady informs me that it would not be sent flat rate because the box didn’t say so.  At this point I am ready to have an anxiety attack so I grab a pen and scribble FLAT RATE across the box.  She snapped at me that I couldn’t do that and would ONCE AGAIN have to repackage my box.
I LOST IT… you may find me on youtube as the Crazy Army Wife having a meltdown at the post office.  I just started crying… then came the meltdown part.  The horrible postal employee started LAUGHING at me and talking about me in whatever Asian language she spoke.  I popped off with a few 4 letter words and then went into serious anxiety/ crying… then I was just mad that this woman made me cry.  She then pointed out how I am usually so pleasant that I must have just had a horrible day but it wasn’t her problem.  I got the box redone, had to unwrap a gift to get it in there because in my panicky state I couldn’t get the 3 small gifts to fit.  I re-addressed it, paid and left.  As soon as I got into the car I completely lost it, called my best friend and just sobbed.  I cried about he stupid postal lady, the stupid deployment, missing my husband, hating that it was Christmas without him… ahhh the list goes on.  After pulling myself together I decided that I was sad that I was mailing gifts to him, then upset that the boxes weren’t being accepted, then pissed that she both laughed at me and was talking about me and then plain LIVID that I let this happen in public.  I do not like to cry PERIOD… much less in a room full of people.

So that was my day… luckily all my boxes are mailed and I don’t have to worry about visiting that horrible lady for at least 2 more weeks and by then I may just pay someone a convenience fee to do it for me.