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My Past Life

You will hear me refer to my past life.  This was my life before BD and Diva… before happiness and stability.  This past life was my life from 19-26 (more so 19-23)
This past life was an abusive marriage to a service member; I chose not to recognize the branch as it’s unimportant and may lead that douche bag to contact me complaining that someone may figure out who he is.  In which case I will have to deal with his crap again and at this point he has FINALLY gone away.  While he probably stalks my blogs (I have 3) or my Examiner page about domestic violence he has chosen NOT to contact me and for that I am totally ok.  I left at 23 and moved on… finally choosing to deal with the baggage of it when I was 26.  Now at 31 I feel like I have gotten to a great place within myself where I can talk about it and want to make changes.  I want to hold the military accountable for their HORRIBLE ways of handling it and provide milspouses with information they need IF they find themselves at the receiving end of violence because going to Command almost NEVER makes it better.