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Thursday, January 5

Jack... JUST Jack

Everytime I say his name I have my jazz hands out and reminisc of Will and Grace....

Diva’s little buddy Jack... ahh the Guinea Pig.  Let me tell you that he is sweet and cute but a warranted purchase as she made an agreement with her daddy that IF she could keep the beta alive his ENTIRE deployment we would talk hamster upon homecoming.  Well – that stupid fish lived until 2 weeks AFTER he came home, so she earned her hamster.  Although I will admit that a few drops of bleach were thought of throughout the year to avoid this discussion.  I NEVER thought that a hamster was a good idea because mommy realized that hamster + cat = a MESS!  We currently have a dog and a cat... and a fish.  So we talked, debated and talked... then consulted her and the Petco people and decided on the guinea pig.  She is a GREAT and responsible guinea pig mommy.  Loves that thing to death... I am glad because I am NOT cleaning it’s nasty cage.  Its a great thing to teach her responsibility and its all about growing up - she is almost 8 years old.  By this point I had an 8 year old Collie that I walked, brushed and took care of.

Yesterday it needed a new water bottle (the one that came with his cage is a piece of crap- sad but true) and he needed vitamin C to keep him healthy, yes really!  So at this point we have spent far more than I planned on for this little love of hers BUT she kept her end so I guess it’s our turn. 

So far for Jack we have had to purchase...

His first home...

Daddy's first toy for Jack

must have good bedding

and hay... need to the fiber

don't forget his vitamins

and a worthwhile water bottle that SHE can change on her own

But to see this every night... it's totally worth every penny.

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