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Wednesday, January 4

Aww... it's 2012

I woke up this morning realizing that I have been to my special blog in quite a few days... sorry!   Its just been crazy lately... family, work... NEW GUINEA PIG for Diva... school, trip coming up to Vegas with my FAVORITE charity.  Oh yeah, it’s been a little nuts.  Oh and Diva and I get to go to the Miss Ca USA pageant this weekend with some GREAT friends to support my sister titleholders from last year (Miss Greater Long Beach and Miss Mission Viejo!)  I am so excited...sharing my 2nd favorite pastime (HOCKEY is my first) with my Diva. 

I have spent so much time lately thinking about 2011 and all that came with it – new friends, loss of friends, deployments, homecoming, trips to new cities, sickness and new babies.  What a year it was, I must admit that I am glad it’s behind us.  I am thankful to each person in each memory last year, you have taught me much more than you can ever imagine.  I don’t know where I would be in my life if it wasn’t for the memories I have been able to create each year with some of the most remarkable people.  I want to be the old lady in a rocking chair talking to her grandkids about “the olden days” and all the fun we had.  I remember how many NYE I spent being thankful for my HT friends, for my job... for my own place, for my life.  Then my first year of being thankful for my daughter (that would be the year that I passed out on the couch with a migraine watching Anastasia with her in my arms while Hubby was on the computer).  Watching Diva and how much she has grown in the past year is just amazing to me- she continues to be the light of my life (hence the tailless rat AKA guinea pig).   This year she was passed out in my lap while I watched Dick Clark commenting on how blessed we truly were. 

Last year on NYE I got an email from Hubby, just starting his day in Iraq – this year I got a kiss.  Last year I was praying for the new year to be over as quickly as it began – this year I pray it slows down so I can enjoy it.  What a difference a year makes – this year the plans are to just BE.  Be Princess, Be family, Be relaxed... BE US!

Oh and I will be having a date night this weekend with Hubby that will include a FABULOUS RomCom and a date night bundle from my amazing secret santa – so no I haven’t forgotten to write it (the amazing glowing wonderous write up is saved and will be published very shortly!)

I wish each reader, friend (new, old, current or lost), loved one and person I have come across in the last year a very Happy New Year, blessings of a wonderful 2012!  To all of my friends/readers that are expecting this year, blessings to your new baby... kisses and hugs as the day is long.

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