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Tuesday, February 14

5 Years- Happy Hallmart Holiday!

Happy Hallmark Holiday although today is a day of celebration for us - 5 years ago the hubby got down on one knee, told me that I was amazing, unbelievably hot and sexy... one of a kind.... the type of woman he could only dream would ever be his wife and then asked me to be his wife (or something along those lines as I was too in shock to really listen.)  The day was a Wednesday (I think accounting for a leap year), I went to work my normal bah humbug HATING V-Day self knowing that the Hubby and I were going out to dinner that night and leaving the Diva with Grammie (yep, out little 2 year old!).  I spent the day thinking about our upcoming trip to Sedona (seeing my family and having a bit of romance) and hoping that he would propose there.  I got off dinner, threw on this pretty black lace dress and off we went.  After dinner he called his mom and told her we weren’t even sat yet so we would be late (thought it was odd, hoped we were headed to the beach), then a quick stop by the house and off we went.  He asked me if I wouldn’t mind stopping and taking pictures at the restaurant we shared our first date at... weird and slightly annoyed (it was cold!) I said ok.  After a few moments of talking and a few self shot pictures... a quick hug and I love you (my code for LETS GO!) he dropped to one knee and asked.  I was SHOCKED – for months I had been saying how LAME a V-Day proposal was he chose THAT night because I wouldn’t expect it or even anticipate it BOY was he right.

Here we are 5 years later and I still feel pretty VDay bah humbug- I woke up this morning... TUESDAY, took a shower and got ready for work, ensuring that Diva was ready as well... then headed to work.  It’s just a day, sorry but I am not the biggest Valentine’s Day proponent... I don’t get gaga over flowers and chocolate.  Nope, not bitter or anything like that just honest.  I love taking care of those I love all year, buying/sending random gifts.... same thing with Diva and the Hubby.  I don’t need a holiday created by Hallmark for the purpose of selling cards just to show them both how much I love them. 
With that being said – Diva came up to me this morning with huge Alligator tears.  I asked her what was wrong and she was so upset that daddy hadn’t taken her to get mommy a Valentine’s Day gift... broke my heart.  I explained to her that my Valentines was complete because I have them both... hugs and kisses from my loves is what matters to me.  NOTHING matters more to me.  That seemed to make her happy... especially when she got down stairs and saw that Daddy got her a card and chocolate (thank goodness because I haven’t had the time- picking up his card this afternoon). 

Anyhow... whether your Hubby is home or away or if it’s just your Singles Awareness Day enjoy it how YOU see fit.  This momma is having dinner at home with her family... it’s a school night after all!

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