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Monday, February 6

... and I'm back recharged and ready

After taking almost an entire month off of my blog, I am back! 
I needed time to find direction, time to sort out the new normal of home (husband) and work (his) balance... and well just breathe!  It’s been a stressful few months of work for Hubby, changes and direction as always, and a few big changes for me at work increased responsibility.  He is back to his monthly drill which was quite a change for Diva – she FREAKED out that he was headed back to Iraq or that he would be gone for weeks versus days... so all 3 of us packed up and headed to drill together.  This gave me a chance to see my Deployment Battle Buddy (and her amazing sons!), Diva a chance to hang out with her future husband (Battle Buddy’s son) and it was her opportunity to understand that daddy is just back to the one weekend a month routine... one she hardly remembers at this point. 
Then as we prepare for our 2nd drill, Valentine’s Day AND a work trip for Hubby... Diva is starting to comment on him being gone a lot again, even though this is NOTHING compared to the past I have to remember that she is only 7.  At 7 children should not understand a parent leaving often... but so goes life I suppose.  It’s my job to make it as easy for her as possible, as much of a non event as I can regardless.  That’s not always easy but it’s always a responsibility. 
So we do our family best to make memories and spend time together doing random things we have never done before... this past weekend we went to The Grove in LA to let her pick out her Santa gift, an American Girl Doll.  We went for the experience and met up with some friends... what an awesome time together.  She picked out her doll, that looks just like her, then we went to lunch and just enjoyed family time.  I LOVE days and evenings like that.  I couldn’t imagine a better day with the two of them... I really really couldn’t.
Sorry... for the randomness but I am back.  Random musings and all!

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