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Monday, February 13


As I sit here tonight in the quiet and am able to think I decided to look back at the past year.  I have been reading old posts about deployment, posts about our life.... post about the realities of our life while he was gone.  So much of it makes me cry.  Makes me sit and think about how much he missed and how much they missed of eachother - how much he and I missed together... how hard it has been to get it all back together. 
Over the weekend I sat and thought, talked and thought some more.  I realize that I don't ever finish anything.  I have so many balls in the air, I start so many AMAZING things with great ideas and intentions.... but I am far to scared to finish them.  What if I fail, what if I get laughed at.... yes the same fears as my  year old Diva... the same exact fears.  I wish I could get her to see that

I am scared that I will fail, I have failed at so many things in life (yes in my eyes) already.  What if I finish my book and it's horrible, or I finish my fundraising idea ad it doesn't make any money.... or .... yes, the list is long and often rediculous.  This year my vow is to finish at least 2 things that I have started... finish them PUBLISH and all.

Do you ever feel that you have to much going on that you can't finish?

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