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Wednesday, February 8

The paper... ahh the punishment paper

She did it... Diva wrote her paper about WHY LYING IS BAD – twice.  Yep, twice... her first draft just repeated that lying is bad because you’ll get in trouble and you “will get grounded for like 1 day!” YEP that was on there.  Her printing was FABULOUS, her thought process was correct... LIE and you WILL get in TROUBLE however she missed the whole WHY you don’t lie part.  So we sat her down to actually follow directions and write what she was supposed to.  Well - she added to the above, you will hurt peoples feelings, it isn't nice and mommy and daddy will get mad.  Again... all true!    Hopefully that will make her think twice before she makes that decision again – next time may be resorted to a basic training type punishment.  Hmm... who knows.  How do you punish your children?
While she was writing so was I, trying to get caught up on work that I don’t get ‘paid’ for monetarily. Someday I hope, so if you know any publishers let me know.  Until then I love writing all that I can – I spent 3 or 4 hours last night researching information about a topic that floored me then I wrote an article about it, recognized by a great assisting organization... hopefully that goes somewhere.  By that point Hubby was home, making dinner.... then he was off to buy some RANDOM thing for our TV.  Love that man but I swear some days I just don’t get it.

Things are getting better with regards to post deployment... at least I think so.  Some days are better than others, some days I still feel like a stranger and others like we were never apart.  Not sure where or why the switch is there, if only I could figure that out.  Haha.  1 day at a time...

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