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Tuesday, February 7

The missing 7th box!

WOW- 2 days in a row.... maybe I am on to something here.  I have been super busy writing as the LA/OC Military Family Examiner and I recently volunteered on a trip with families of the fallen to Miss America in Las Vegas so I have been busy and not simply ignoring my beloved blog.  I swear LIFE happens and the world gets away for me for just 1 day... and it turns into LOTS of days. 

AS I have said before, I am a Girl Scout mom... Diva is a Brownie this year and I am a co-leader AND the cookie mom.  We have officially started selling Girl Scout cookies, truthfully my LEAST favorite part of Girl Scouts, and Diva sold some at school to her teachers.  Yesterday I sent 7 boxes to school, with the list of teachers names/boxes and the amount each owed.  OK, so questionable parent moment BUT you have to start teaching them responsibility some time, right and at WORST this would be a $30 mistake and best case... my little Diva would show me that she has learned about responsibility and come home with $28 and no cookies and allow me a little bit of gloating at how AMAZING my daughter is.

NO SUCH LUCK!  She came home with $13, 2 full boxes of cookies... and one almost totally eaten.  UMM>>>> WTH happened!  This is the reasoning afforded by my beautiful baby –
Diva- Well mom, Mr. Janitor wasn’t there today so I couldn’t give him his 4 boxes of cookies, then I threw the list away... and the one box is a Thanks A Lot so I opened it and gave it to the teachers to thank them... then the other three the teachers that ordered got... well except one because I think that the name was wrong and well... I don’t remember.
Me- What happened to the 7th box?  I gave you 7 and you gave me money for 3.
Diva- Umm, ooh.. yeah I don’t know.  I forgot.

3 hours of this – then she finally admitted that they opened the other box and ate it at lunch, sharing with her friends OF COURSE.  Now for the punishment.  Yes, I punish my child. 
Lack of responsibility – I now have a guinea pig and a fish as my responsibility until she can PROVE that she can handle this magnitude of keeping another breathing thing alive.  Sadly, this has never been an issue and she loves and cares for both Jack and Purple 2 better than most adults care for their children.
LYING about the location of the 7th box – a FULL paper front and back about WHY lying is bad.  Much different than Soldier hubby mentality, his offerings initially were: Running, flutter kicks, push ups... basically anything you can do to a soldier.  Then HE came up with the essay.  Let’s hope it works.

1 forward... 2 back.  Haha. 

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