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Thursday, October 14

Countdowns... Day 7

We have all led a life of countdowns... Countdowns to birthday, to summer vacation, to first day of school... to graduation.  Then wedding, due dates, anniversaries... the list goes ON and ON.  As an Army wife I have so many new countdowns.  I am counting down how long he has been gone, how long since we got news of his orders (7 months), since he left for training before his deployment training (6 months), since he walked out the door for the last time (3 months) since I felt his kiss on my lips or his hand on my back (2 months) , how long until R&R (6 months), most importantly how long until this is all over (10 months!) and lastly how many years left before retirement (8 years... 3 maybe 4 deployments?).  I can't believe how many alarms are set on my blackberry reminding me, as though I could forget, of each milestone we pass. 
At this point most of our dates are non existent as we don't have anything definite yet.  I know that his orders are up NEXT summer and that he wants R&R around April... but that's about it.  Nothing concrete and nothing that I can seriously countdown to.  I think that makes this part of the deployment hard.  Nothing concrete.  Even though I know that nothing in the military is concrete it would be nice to have even a soft date... any date, heck MAKE ONE UP.  I don't really care at this point.  haha.

My handsome other half... on vacation
Our wedding anniversary was almost a month ago... and the anniversary of our first date is in just under a month... the anniversary of our daughter is coming up as are many other dates to countdown to.  I guess we just keep counting down to get that final date that much closer.  I think I will start counting pay periods as there are only 30 in our deployment... much nicer than thinking about the 15 months he will actually be gone.

On to my... Getting to Know You (I always say as a song.. silly me) post

Day 07 Someone who has made your life worth living for.

Yes... to me parenting is often like trying to herd cats!
This is the easier question… Diva!  I have always wanted to be a mommy… anyone that knows me knows this.  My fertility has been questionable for more than 10 years so I have pretty much written biology out of the equations.  I met Diva when she was 8 months old and fell in love instantly… however it took another 2 years to make her mine.  I fought, put up with questionable birth family visits and court appointments to have my little girl.  On December 5, 2006 I picked her up from her foster home and was her “Permanent Placement Plan”… I loved the word permanent.  I finally got my little girl and was going to be her mommy!  *Funny side story is that I had met BD just 3 weeks before this monumentous day* For the next 18 months I endured countless social services appointments, birth family visits (never birth mother), court hearings and continuations but on March 14, 2008 I signed my last official document making me her mother.  I have a birth certificate showing me and Big Daddy as her parents… our families are both so full of adoption and so many were there to celebrate with us.  That little girl in all her boogery-ness has made my life better every single day.

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