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Friday, October 29

Friday Freebies, Deals and a special little Diva

I have decided that Fridays will be my days to share all of the freebies and deals I have come across for military families!  I am amazed what I find when I spend the time to look.  You will find links and the descriptions below.

As a military wife of a deployed Soldier and mom to 6 year old Diva I find myself often wishing I could take away both of their hurt.  I hurt for her because we don't live around any military so she feels alone in this and I hurt for him because he feels as though he is stealing a year from us.  So with all of this I asked her teacher if we could do something for Veterans Day... something that would allow Diva to show off her daddy and maybe get some of the other children to understand what our military does.  I was OVERWHELMED with the response I received.  Each child wrote a letter to a Soldier in his platoon, they brought food and snacks for them and she was over the moon when she could tell them all about her daddy.  Then this morning I walked into her daycare center and was asked if I would mind if they had all of the kids (about 150) write letters to the soldiers and if I would come in and talk to the children about what it's like being a military family.  I was floored... all of this coming from a town with no military base, a group of kids that ask Diva why her daddy left us.  Needless to say I can not wait to talk to the kids about the military on Monday.  I am even bringing in a book to read to them about Diva's daddy being a Hero and what it means to be in the military.  Sometimes all we have to do is ask.

This week was also Diva's Star of the Week... she got to bring in a whole poster about her.  In addition, her daddy made it the best week because he sent her flowers to school.  She couldn't believe that he would be able to do something like that... talk about feeling special.  She was ALL smiles when I picked her up.

Have a fabulous and safe Halloween weekend!!

Friday Freebies & Deals:


Since Priority Mail® supplies are the packaging of choice for families preparing care packages for service members overseas, the USPS® has created a "Mili-kit" based on the items most frequently requested by the military.
The kit contains:
Three (3) each of flat rate boxes O-FRB1 and O-FRB2
Two each of Cube boxes OBOX4 and OBOX7
Address labels - Label # 228 10 each
One roll of Priority Mail tape
15 customs forms with envelopes.
The kit may be requested by calling 1-800-610-8734 (Packing Supply) and:
Choose your language (1 is English, 2 is Spanish).
Choose option 1 (it states it is for Express Mail®, Priority Mail or Global Express Guaranteed® products).
When you reach a live agent, request CAREKIT04.
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
Note: These are free supplies, postage must be affixed.

<>Military Cell Phone Deals
Cingular offers a 19% military discount. Call 1-800-319-6393. Update: for Cingular's discounts to take effect, you will need to sign up for at least a 1-year service agreement. With a .mil email address, you can sign up for the discount at their website.
T-Mobile Call 1-866-646-4688. No additional contract required. Their military discounts are: Activation Fee: Waived, Voice rate plans: 9.3%, Data Standalone plans: 3.3%, Add on features: 5.3%, Blackberry Plans: 3.3%, Equipment: $20 off, Overages: 11.3%, Long Distance: 11.3%, International Long Distance: 11.3%
Nextel offers an 18% military discount. Call 1-800-639-6111. No additional contract required.
Verizon customer service number is 1-800-511-1150 and is open 8am-9pm M-F - the military discount is 15%. No additional contract required.

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