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Tuesday, October 12

Day 06(ish) → Something you hope you never have to do.

Today is a sappy... I miss my husband day.  Now that he has been gone almost 6 months, still have 6 months till R&R and 10 months until he is home I am getting lonely.  I am so stinking tired of seeing homecomings because I know how much longer we have until we get ours.  I am totally happy and excited for my friends who's significant others are coming off of the buses and planes but SERIOUSLY let that be me.

So for my day 6ish... I dedicate to the love of my life.

There are many things I hope I never have to do but in light of BD being on vacation, having more friends deployed than I care to admit and knowing more than one 20-something with a purple heart... I hope I never have to live a day without BD.  When he and I met I told my mom that I could marry someone like him.  He was sweet but passionate about things.  Our first date started with my, basically, laying all of my baggage on the table before dinner... he sweetly smiled and asked if I was ready to order.  He has stood by me and been my biggest fan since the day we met.  He accepted all of me and loves all of me.  I could not imagine not having him as Diva’s father or my husband.  He is so caring, sweet… loving and understanding… yes, he snores (my Lord does that man snore), he gets all snippy over bad sports games BUT I would rather deal with any of his possible yuckiness than live my life with anyone else.  Yes, I am a proud wife… and a very loved wife.

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