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Saturday, October 9

Day 4 and the serious stupidity of people!

Ok... so my husband has been gone a grand total of 6 months and we still have about 10 months left.  Yes, this blows!  With that being said, people are just idiots.  I can not tell you how many times I have been asked "Isn't that hard? I mean your husband being gone THAT long."  REALLY... ARE YOU JOKING.  Nope, not hard at all... he is just at war fighting for your freedom to be an idiot.  I always try to muster some serious answer like, "Well he loves it and it's who we are" or "Yes maam it's extremely hard but I love him so much it's all worth it".  Some days I want to lift their hand up and smack them with it and say uhh... DUH.  I am sure that so much of it is not knowing what to say because they aren't used to our lifestyle but then just don't say anything.  I have been asked if I am scared for him, people wonder why my husband is in Iraq if there is no more combat... I don't mind legit questions about our communication or his branch of service.  I am so proud of him but good gracious people, think before you speak.

Ok... onto day 4

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for

Sadly, I don't really feel like there is anyone in my life now or before that is pending forgiveness.  As I said in a previous post, I forgive pretty easily.  I honestly don't let many people know me though either.  After BD and I adopted Diva most of my friends walked out of my life therefore it left a void but also one that I didn't care to replace.  Since she came I tend to keep to my family more.  The less I open up the less people can hurt me and therefore the less forgiveness I need to worry about.

Have a great night!

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