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Monday, November 1

Manic Monday and broken generators!

Actually this morning I felt more like a Maniac but hey... whatever.  Last night we tookd Diva trick or treating.  She wanted a new locale since daddy wasn't with us (apparently the other place is a daddy ONLY zone!) so we went closer to our house.  We saw a lot of her little friends and got to experience a large racial diversity.  We live in an area with a large muslim population, last night we saw just how dense that population is.  We even got to meet one of her boyfriends, the little ninja.  Yes, she pointed him out by just his EYES showing through his costume.  We are in trouble, oy!
With all of the weekend fun Diva did NOT want to get up this morning.  So there was a little bit, ok a TON of frustration from mommy.  Getting her up is like getting her daddy up... virtually IMPOSSIBLE!  She rolls her eyes, covers her head, groans and grumbles... then gets HALF out of bed before finally dragging her booty to my bathroom to take a shower.  Why she refuses to use her bathroom in the morning is beyond me!  We finally get that done and dressed... ahh thank you free dress day (STUPID furlough days!) for adding to the frustration of my morning.  Mommy, I don't want to wear that... its not that cute.  I want to wear a skirt, tank top and sandals.  Lets see kid... you had pneumonia, strep and bronchitis LESS than a month ago and it's currently 60 degrees outside.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  I settled on a skirt with knee high socks and a sweater.  JEEZ.
Then to top it all off Diva was supposed to skype with BD yesterday morning however he never showed up.  Now, as a military wife we know that things happen.  I don't freak, watch the news insessantly or refuse to answer the door BUT I do start running scenarios in my head.  Internet is down, or he fell asleep... No word from him all day but found out this morning that the generators all went out.  YEAH.  So I got to spend the day yesterday reminding her than daddy loved her and that he would call as soon as he could.  Yeah, didnt work so well.  Today however we were ok... see aforementioned issues instead. 
I was beat down before I even got to work... now to IM with BD for a few minutes before I head to Diva's school daycare program to talk about what it means to be a military family and what deployment locations are like.


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