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Monday, December 12

Ahh Monday... the dreaded Monday

MIGRAINE DAY 5!  Please let it go away!!!!

I have said this a million times BUT I am honest, I am raw and I write what I am thinking - good, bad or indifferent.  If you don't like ME personally then why read what I write?

After my blog post Friday -  I was texted about stating an opinion, then was accused of stirring a pot and talking sh*t... last time I checked this is an ANONYMOUS blog, I do not use anyone’s names for a reason.  I didn’t email this to anyone and ask them to read it, I don’t promote it anywhere but Twitter (@MrsSoCalUS if you want) so I cannot possibly be stirring ANY pot.  To the woman who contacted me - I appreciate it and hope that we are at a better place now.  To the person who started it all - You are the original mean girl, you have been nothing but rude and judgmental, you like to cause problems for reasons that I will never understand because I have never done anything mean or nasty to you.  I deleted you from my facebook account for a reason please STOP being that interested in my life that you need to read and repeat.  Enough Said!

After all was said and done I spoke to an old friend of mine – wise beyond words.  She has always been a good friend of mine and is a writer- an honest and open writer, for this I admire her greatly.  We talked about my predicament and why it caused me to update and rework Friday’s post.  Her advice was priceless... "be YOU and don't change!" Not everyone is going to like my posts or even read them... BUT know that I am honest, I will not apologize for it.  Don't think that will change – I write to vent, I write to help... I write because I am me and it’s the MAIN outlet I have had since I was old enough to do so.    This blog won’t change... honest to a fault!

ON TO THE Happier stuff!!

Friday night the moms and I got to surprise Diva and her Daisy Troop from last year with a visit - she LOVED it as did they.  It was so nice to see them all playing and reminiscing with the moms about life last year and the changes since Hubby was again missing.  Crazy how that works - he is gone a few weeks and mentally I revert back to deployment.  I wonder why that is so much easier.  It’s sad that the separations become easier - we talked about it last night.  When he used to leave I was all annoyed and frustrated but now... it's just business as usual!  I miss him and love him with all my heart... my best friend gone SUCKS but it is easier now.  The deployment made us stronger and made us better people with a greater appreciation for life - no matter how frustrating reintegration is, there is no doubt of our love and commitment to our family. 

The rest of the weekend was all about the garage... cleaning and organizing.  I hate cardboard boxes so they are ALL gone and everything is in Rubbermaid totes and I WILL park both cars in there before he gets home – this is my Christmas gift to myself.  Speaking of gifts – he asked me what I wanted and to make a list.  Here is the problem – I don’t want anything.  I have him and Diva both here for Christmas, we have our new home (ok I do want my custom closet)... but that’s it.  I have more than most and am thankful for it all.  What do I tell him??  The lame list: gym clothes, a necklace hanger for the bathroom... ummm.  Yeah, that’s all I got.  Haha.

What do you tell your husband when he asks for a list? HELP?!

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