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Tuesday, December 20

Finger tapping...

Do you ever catch yourself checking Facebook and Twitter like an addict... then roaming ALL your daily read blogs repeatedly?  OMG - I am dying for Christmas.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE Christmas!  Our house is decorated, mostly cleaned (finishing our room and the office tonight because I got TOTALLY sidetracked by Real Housewives last night) and we are READY for Christmas.  Every day I have been checking my Secret Santa recipients blog... I am DYING to see if she likes what she got.  I really really hope so...  Her family and blog is so cute... I have been stalking her since I got her information.  haha. 

Last night I sat with Diva... we talked about life, prayed for our friends bunny and discussed family and CHRISTMAS!  She asked for 3 things AND finished with a BABY BROTHER.... yeah, kid Santa won't have that in his sleigh.  Maybe next year.  I am counting down for Hubby to be home, for this week of work to be done... AND for everyone to open their gifts.  I diligenty bought gifts this year, I always want to have the perfect gift for each person. 

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