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Wednesday, December 21

Almost there.... I hope

ITS TOMORROW!  Yes, our countdown better be done tomorrow.  The husband, then the in-laws... and then CHRISTMAS!  Diva is getting excited about it all.  She hasn’t seen her Aunt and Uncle in 6 months, the same with my Father in Law and his wife.  She just LOVES having the family together.  She is doubly excited because my parents sent a gift to be opened BEFORE the 23rd – she can’t wait, and reminds me DAILY that it MUST be opened.  The you add the fact that this year she is all about Santa but, sadly, has not remembered the being good part – been grounded all week for hiding clean clothes in the back of the closet and UNDER the dresser! 
Tonight is the rest of the cleaning because my LAZY/OVERWHELMED self didn’t get it done last night... instead I got sick!  I have ZERO choice to get it done tonight because I will head to work in the morning and come home WITH hubby... must be done by then.

All I want for Christmas is.... my husband home, beyond that... I got NOTHIN

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