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Thursday, December 29

Christmas Recap...

 I have been seriously sucking at my blog lately.  With Christmas and family in town I have totally run out of time for basically everything... including personal hygiene (ok, not really but that’s how I feel!)!!

Thursday brought the Hubby home... late in the afternoon.  Early Friday my in-laws got into town – Father in law, his wife (from Nevada and stayed with us) and my brother in law and his wife (all the way from Florida!).  It was also FAMILY BAKING NIGHT... with baking socks! We really look forward to this every year - my mother in law and the girls spend a day baking, this year all the girls AND the boys participated and we had so much fun.  Diva got a tummy ache from sneaking so much cookie dough! 
Saturday was just a family day all the way around.  Christmas Eve is my mother in laws night – she bakes a full dinner and we all get to spend the time together eating and hanging out.  My Grandma joins us every year as well, she is my only family left in the Sunshine State.  We are super close and I LOVE spending holidays with her.  We even got to open gifts because of the fact that my brother in law and his wife were spending Christmas with her family.  It was nice to be together.  Diva just LOVES having family and just loves her Uncle CJS.
Santa was up WAY late Christmas EVE... like 0230 Christmas morning... just getting everything together and wrapped perfectly.  I swear... as kids we got up at 0230 to check to see if Santa had been there, not Diva!  She slept in until 6:15!!  Up and atom bright and early... then LOTS of opening and smiles.  Mommy got a coffee mug, says “My Favorite People call me Mommy!”,  an iPod touch (my old iPod died!) and a beautiful ring that is Divas birthstone PLUS her favorite color.  The Hubby got his roof rack for his bike...and clothes.  Then there is my angel... I LOVE seeing Christmas through her eyes... especially when her eyes are LOST and she can’t figure out her gifts.  My 2 favorite LOST Diva moments:
Me- Oh wow, do you know what this is?  Diva- NOPE Me- UMMM it’s a TV for your wall sweetheart  Diva- But I have a TV, why another one?  AHH my baby- Her current TV was the Hubbys from HIGH SCHOOL!
Diva opens a box and in it is a letter from Santa, A Gift Card and a Catalog for... A NEW AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!!  Later she comes up to me and asks why Santa gave her a catalogue and not the doll.... the Letter said that it was so Diva, her mommy and daddy could go to the LA store and she could pick out the PERFECT doll because Santa’s sled was low on space after her BIKE.  So she is carrying around her catalogue... poor baby.

With all these great gifts... she is attached to a $10 microphone and a $15 video camera!  Seriously, next year it will be all gifts under $20! 

Monday... Monday was a lovely mildly relaxing day that allowed for some cleanup.  Tuesday everyone left and Diva and I stayed snuggled at home most of the day just enjoying each other and the quiet of the day... and a bit of laundry!  I say it all the time but that kid has an IMMENSE amount of laundry/clothes!!

Back at work for the week and loving some time away.  I also started back to the gym yesterday to lose those last pesky 10lbs that I hate and seem to be totally centralized on my tummy and booty.  I need to get into swimsuit shape for any trips we may take this summer... must look as good or close to the 6-pack man I am married to.


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