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Monday, December 19

Countdowns, Christmas and a grounded child....

I have said for months... a military wife’s life is according to countdowns.  We are about 4 days away from a home daddy AGAIN – YAY!

I LOVE Secret Santa... LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  On Saturday I got a VERY sweet card from mine – Thank you so much!! I also hope that my Secret Santa gift was received... I love that she sounds so much like me and enjoys it.  This weekend was full of baking, final Christmas shopping, and laundry... and cleaning and decorating.  Hubby’s father and wife are coming in on Friday for the weekend, yippee!!  With all that was done it was a perfect weekend... well ALMOST perfect, missing the Hubby.  Stinks when 10 days turns into 14... hopefully the weather will cooperate and he will be home on time. 
Hubby and I have been Facetiming lately, thank you iPhone for this WONDERFUL option, and it’s given Diva some daddy time while he is gone.  She commented the other night how much BETTER it is than Skype.  OBVIOUSLY!  Haha.  She really needs this connection time with him, explaining to her that this is a short IN COUNTRY trip not a deployment has been convoluted and a little frustrating.  Their time, just like old Skype days, gives me a few minutes to get things done.  I let them chat, usually I leave and do something else but last night I just laid in bed next to her.  BACKSTORY - Yesterday she was grounded for hiding clothes in the closet instead of putting them away.- So last night while they were chatting(not wanting to tell daddy that she got in trouble) she told him that she spent all day cleaning her room and bathroom.  HAHA.  They started talking about when he would be home, I noticed something UNDER the dresser... as I pulled out what I thought was an errant sweater I found a FULL LOAD of clothes shoved under there.  First of all... had to laugh because both Hubby and I did that as kids, then I was full of amazement that she fit THAT much under there... finally she is grounded until Thursday for it.   Got to give the kid credit though... and now I realize why it seems that I am ALWAYS doing laundry, little booger is hiding it.

1 more week until I get to put everything away, reorganize our house and get my NON HOLIDAY life back... I am sadly looking forward to normalcy. Haha.  Then trying to plan our next big trip... family trip to DC is my plan.  We have places to stay for free, just need airfare and food.... YES, I got this!

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