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Thursday, November 25


IT"S Thanksgiving… one of my FAVORITE days of the year.  My father has always ‘flown’ the thawed turkey around the house, my mother has always cooked… and I have always been in charge of the worst veggie EVER, the POTATO!  Holidays in my family are fun and all about family.  Well, I have not spent a Thanksgiving with my family in a few years… well since my darling husband and I have been together.  We both have jobs that require working the day of or the day after… or well both.  Yes, we are those weird people that work for organizations that don’t hold the day after Thanksgiving, BLACK FRIDAY as the true federal holiday that it should be.

When Big Daddy got his deployment orders my family just assumed that Diva and I would be on the first plane out there for the holiday.  Ummm… again I remind them that I have a full time job.  You know those things that pay the bills, yes one of those.  I also need to remind them that, while I have vacation time, I also have R&R in a few months that I would like to be paid to take off with my amazing husband.  Well, this year even with him gone, I still have to work the day after so we are celebrating with his mom.  Diva decided, in a less than Diva way, that we should feed hungry people for Thanksgiving since we have food.  So bright and early, o-dark-thirty, we will be headed to feed the homeless…. Then home to change, possibly nap and then off to an amazing dinner.  Nope we are NOT cooking this year.  My mother in law makes a great dinner but this year, with it being just three of us there is no point.  PLUS her wonderful company gave us an amazing dinner at this restaurant as a thank you for Big Daddy’s service.  Then home for a skype date!  Yes, we get a Thursday night AND then a Saturday skype date with him.  Diva can’t wait because she has so many things to tell him.  Haha. 

This year, as so many of us are celebrating with our loved ones so far away, please remember to be thankful for all that we have and how truly blessed we are. 

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Navy Bride said...

How generous of you to share your time with the soup line!

I hope you have an amazing time with you mother in law! Even though you have to work tomorrow, it's so nice to have someone to share this day with. Enjoy it, and your skype!

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