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Friday, November 26

Feel me up Friday!

Yes… seriously.  I have been reading all about the TSA and their new rules.  Well… I live in this country and I have certain civil rights.  One of them being that the only man that will ever cup my breasts is the one I married.  No one has the right to touch me, men have died for that right.  I am appalled that the TSA made a breast cancer survivor prove it.  Yes, I realize that I don’t want to be blown up but seriously do you think that if someone wants to hide something they will find a way and no breast cupping is going to find it.  My mother was a police office when I was younger and we had this conversation today.  She said that she has seen people hide GUNS in their personal parts to smuggle into prison.  So you tell me how TSA is going to find that.  Scanning my body and seeing me nude… how is that helping.  I have not been in playboy, I believe the ONLY person that should see my body under my clothes is MY HUSBAND not some creepy TSA guy who will probably be taking pictures with his cell phone and uploading them to facebook!
The Federal Government even admits to storing body scan images.  GROSS and a COMPLETE violation of my rights.  You know I don’t mind getting to the airport early, taking off every possible item that may beep, walking around barefooted and having them take my tweezers (Yes, many a crime has been perpetrated with TWEEZERS!) but this is a step too far.  Is this because the guy got on a plane with C4 in his shoe?  Have you NEVER seen the show that talks about how little amount of explosive can be hidden in a Bic pen and take down half the West Coast… is that next.  We should all just show up to the airport naked… wait that is illegal.  How is it any different than the body scanners showing a mans PENIS dangling?  REALLY.

Ok… so I am going to momentarily come off my soapbox.  Remind me again, WHY is my husband gone 16 months? 

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