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Monday, November 22

Another week starts...

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate countdowns?

Confession… I HATE countdowns.  They are the worst until you are in single digits.  I mean, good grief I will be in TRIPLE digits until the END of April.  I mean seriously, he will be home for R&R when we hit single digits.  Yep, that will be 9 months since he deployed.  My whole life right now is counting something.  Math with Diva, hours at work, paying credit cards… in addition to his deployment calendar.  It’s just a frustrating yet necessary evil.

I want something else… Diva counts down with Hershey Kisses, what about me?  Can I countdown and buy myself a new pair of sexy underwear for each week?  New pair of shoes?  This Princess needs to come up with something!  I need something to make the countdown a little more tolerable because at this point I don’t want to count anymore.  I want Big Daddy arms wrapped around me, telling me that the dog is barking and that he hates the cat.  I want to hear snoring, then SHEER Big Daddy annoyance when I have to get him out of bed an hour and 26.7 snooze button hits later.  This countdown to end of deployment is crap… I am starting to wonder if the 2011 calendar includes our R&R month or even next summer at all!

Wow… I am crappy today!  Nope, not crabby but crappy.  I can totally appreciate the difference.  I am tired and moody, maybe BD is glad he isn’t home today.  Haha.


Sailor Bride said...

I hate countdowns too! My husband is getting ready to deploy and instead of counting down, I think I'm going to count up and make a paper link chain of reasons I love him/miss him/funny things that happened that day. I also think part of it is me too lazy to count out the days first. Count ups are better I think... you don't know how big a number until they're home.

Love the kisses idea!

Shana said...

Ok... this is a great idea! I may have to borrow it.