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Saturday, November 27

Shoes & Coats are my OBSESSION!

Hello, my name is His Princess.... and I am an addict!  Ok, I live in Southern California and it never truly gets cold here BUT I am addicted to CUTE coats.  This is a problem, especially when coupled with my total LOVE of heels!  I am 5'10 but don't own a pair of shoes below 3" tall, this is why I married a 6'3 soldier!  In my defense I am a pageant girl so... I wear heels ALOT and I love to dress up.  PLUS I work in a professional office thus requiring me to wear shoes every day and in this case they may as well be more cute than functional.  Recently I organized my shoes, in a way that BD has NEVER seen.  **Umm, hello he isn't here so what else am I supposed to do?!  I organize and reorganize!**  I am loving all the space that this organization has created! 
Upon total organization I realized the true amount of shoes I own... yep don't need any more for awhile.  I did find my new favorites.

I have this color and the black ones... yep LOVE them
 I also organized my coats... yep a few of those too.  I also realized that I have rubbed off on Diva.  She has several pea coats and  ALOT of shoes.  With her I rationalize the shoes because the child is growing like a weed... the coats have the same rational.  Works for me. 

This brings me to my recent Christmas list request from Big Daddy... I actually asked for practical things (new camera, a blanket, a new set of dishes.... I do REALLY want a new coat BUT I am picky and have abnormally long arms so it's not an online purchase).  Diva... you guessed it, she wants new boots... mainly because I just got a new pair of knee high boots from Kohls.  Ok with my obsession, I am realistic... I do NOT shop at Bloomie's or Nordstroms.  I shop at Kohls, Target or those cheap little Asian stores... LOVE a good deal.

Wow... this is a rambling post.  I am cleaning tonight and needed a break from organizing.  Hmmm... maybe I should reorganize?


Letters From Home said...

Haha i can so relate! I also shop Kohls, Target and Penney's to justify having one in every color!

Sailor Bride said...

I have loved shoes my entire life! This summer I came home from a shopping trip with 6 pairs of shoes- when I went out in search of one pair for a function. My husband could not understand why I needed or bought that many- but they were in a sale bin at Target and I got them all for $6 a pair! HELLO! I might not have needed them, but at that price, i NEEDED them.

Shana said...

OK... that is a SERIOUS deal! I love good deals. Kohls is like crack to me! I can't make it out without something. I do think that I need a cute pair of flat boots but I just can't bring myself to do it. Oh well.