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Monday, November 29

Mental Health Day

Ever since BD left I have been in serious need of a mental health day… a day with no Diva, no work, and no distractions.  Just a day that I can clean my house, my garage and get my brain in order… yes I said in order.  Anyone that knows me has already spent the last 8 months telling me to slow down, that I am doing too much… BLAH.  Umm… people, my husband has been telling me that for YEARS and it’s not working.  Lets be honest, I would probably be more likely to listen to his LOUD voice over anyone else’s and since I am not it’s safe to say I won’t change.    Apparently the important ones think I should sit home and watch reruns of… House or something.  I would rather DVR everything, be busy as heck and watch my tv later.  My thought is that BD will be home sooner… yep maybe not rational but I never claimed to be rational anyhow. 
This is NOT my house... but this is how I feel today.  No my house isn't this bad, nor has it ever... get the point though.
So anyhoo… back to my housekeeping (or lack there of).  I swear my living room, kitchen and Diva’s room are always clean but when it comes to the less viewed rooms (MY ROOM!)they are a MESS.  My room has no carpet currently, just piles of crap that used to be clothes.  Yep, I say used to be because I don’t know what the hell is going on there now.  This is what happens… I FINALLY have time to wash MY laundry; I fold it and sit it on the bed to put away and hang up (seriously I have always hated hanging clothes, can’t I just pay someone to do it?  Diva isnt’ quite tall enough yet!).  Then get distracted by Diva, the dog, the cat, the doorbell… an email from Big Daddy and the clothes stay on the bed.  Then Diva decides to sleep with me and said clothes get thrown on the floor so she can “snuggle”, and since the cat has learned to open doors (and BD forgot to put the door locks on) they are now covered in animal hair and I have to start over.  I feel like no matter how many times I vacuum there is still cat hair EVERYWHERE!
I have been debating the best time for this day… heaven knows I can’t do it when Diva is home.  So it looks like I have a mental healthy (AKA SICK day).  A day that I drop Diva off at school, go home and CLEAN.  Top to bottom; get ALL of my laundry done and my room in order.  Get all of our gifts wrapped, my garage cleaned so that I can… dare I say it, PARK in there.  Yes, that is my goal and with her school/after school program time… I have about 14 hours!  I think that I can do it… hmmm. 

What is your most neglected room???

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