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Tuesday, November 30

Google talk... is on my list!

Usually I sing the praises, VERY LOUDLY, of Google talk… it’s really our main source of communication.  I take 30 minutes from working every morning and “talk” to Big Daddy before he goes to bed.  Well… today Google just wasn’t having it.  Don’t they realize we have VERY important things to discuss…? I mean, Christmas gifts, the weather… how I am secretly glad that he isn’t home forcing me to watch Ducks games and highlights.  Yes, we are VERY important people and the sooner that the nice people DOWN THE STREET at Google realize that the better.  Today, mid-conversation… he was GONE.  I was asking about what he was getting his father and stepmother for Christmas and a few other things then there was ZERO response and never heard back.  Man, when it’s good I it’s great but when it acts up it’s a way to kill my day. 

BD has been gone for 5 months this weekend (8 if you count all the training he was gone for before) so I am missing him more and more.  I thought life would be easier and I would total be the BOMB at this single mother crap.  YEP, not so much.  Some days I think that I am the cats meow… then Diva throws a tantrum and slings her little attitude around and cuts me right back down to size.  It’s funny how kids can do that so easily.  I am learning that I need my kickboxing time in order to relax and take out my aggressions.  I need sleep and her bed time is one of my FAVORITE of the day.  I love Diva with all of my heart.  That little girl is the reason that I am making it through deployment as a semi-functioning adult.  She is the love of my life and the thing that I fought the hardest for.  I never want to take away from that but good grief that kid has more attitude than a step team!

So to wrap up… Google Talk 1 – Princess and her Soldier 0!

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