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Monday, November 15

The Skype Look

With every Monday (I hate Monday's, just to be clear) I have to remember that it's one day closer to seeing Big Daddy. 

This was an incredible weekend for Diva and I.  It was the first weekend in MONTHS that we have been able to sit home and do nothing.  Ok, actually Diva did nothing and I cleaned like a crazy woman.  I do not need her to keep telling BD that mommy 'forgot' to do dishes again or something like that.  Well, the other INCREDIBLE thing we did this weekend was..... We got to skype with Big Daddy twice... that has NEVER happened before! 
We have a Saturday morning standing skype date.  She takes the first 10 minutes and then I get whatever is left over, usually about 45 minutes.  With that being said I am always really good about making sure I am SUPER put together for skype.  The last thing I want him to see is me in my sweats with mascara all over my eyes... pimples showing and hair all a mess.  I like to make sure I look GOOD when we skype.  I want him to remember what he is coming home to in a can't wait to hold me and take it all off kinda way.  Diva always makes sure that she has her teeth brushed (yep, daddy can tell as far as she knows), hair combed and a cute outfit on. 
Soooo... on Saturday we skyped AFTER gymnastics which is our date time.  She is always so excited to tell him about what ever new thing she did that day and I usually just talk to him about... well nothing really.  BD and I talk about the cars, our gym workouts, concerts and music... normal stuff.  And since we just got home from gymnastics, which in my opinion is a place for all snooty moms with Starbucks to look their 'Saturday casual" (ie. Juicy sweatsuits or cute casual clothes) I am usually pretty put together.  I refuse to be looked at as 'that mom' that doesn't conform to a sense. 

Well, on Sunday morning he sent me an email at 0700 about IM'ing for a few moments.  He was done with h is work day and his work out and thought we could steal a few moments together.  In my haste to talk to him I thought that skype would be fun, 2 days of him is worth a little less sleep.  So off I go to the office, fire up the computer and log into skype.  The I hit video call... his end was ringing and I could hear him clear his throat, YAY date time.  THEN I see myself in that little box... OMG!  I did not think this one through, I should have asked for 3 minutes... or hey maybe just looked in the mirror as I past.  NOPE... I looked like HELL.  Seriously, I was wearing the same shirt from the day before and since we had talked on that day he totally knew... In my defense, I fell asleep on the couch.  My hair was a big rats nested BALL on top of my head and MASCARA was smeared all around my eyes.  I looked like a married version of the walk of shame.   AHH.. the picture of perfection.  I was so mad at myself!  Then of course midsentence my allergies (yep have a cat and allergic to said cat) so I am sneezing, coughing and snotty.  My husband just laughed and said how much he missed my morning sneezes.  Man he MUST love me for all this mess. 
It was terrible.  I wanted to cry... but I didn't.  I put Diva in front of me and hid as long as I could... interjecting my voice every now and again.  Then when she was done, I put the camera really far back and prayed it was blurry as always on their Internet.

Moral... check a mirror BEFORE you skype!

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