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Tuesday, November 2

Technology... friend and foe

During deployments technology is key to keeping it all together.  This has proved to be both good and bad.  In previous deployments if we heard from our Soldiers weekly we felt like we were pretty good... well this time around in Big Daddy's current place the technology and being able to converse is GREAT because there isn't as much bad stuff going on.  We get to IM (Thank you google talk) daily and he can skype with Diva every weekend.  AMAZING, right?  Well... here is where the downfall of technology comes in. 
1-  We talk so much that my emails are boring because, well we already talked about everything
2-  We count on that time together so if it doesnt happen we are both a bit pissy
3-  He feels like he should be involved in everything we do and all decisions that are made... yeah, sadly you are 8000 miles away!

Diva and I are FINALLY getting settled into this deployment.  It has taken us 4 painstaking months to get this far.  She is finally past having accidents every day and night.  She isn't talking back as much and is finally listening to the rules.  I am finally being able to sleep every night at a reasonable hour, when he first left I was getting about 3 hrs of sleep a night.  Truth be told I finally feel like everything will be ok.  I even stopped spit shining the house waiting for him to come home.   

I know that the adjustment when he comes home will be easier based on all of the communication, I know that we will still have an incredible amount of love and connection to eachother (we are still reading eachothers minds) and I know that we will be amazing.  But good grief can a girl catch a break.  haha. I can't miss you if you don't leave. 

Love my Soldier...

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