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Thursday, November 18

Turnip truck?

I am so tired of being asked the same questions when people hear that my husband is deployed:
1- Do you miss him?
2- Are you going to visit him over there?
3- I thought the war was over...why is he there?

So... there are the easy answers.
1- Yes, I miss him terribly. I miss the way he makes fun of me when I sneeze uncontrollably in the morning.  the way he snores ALL night, at least I know he is there.  I miss the way that he makes the best dinners while Diva and I dance to Sinatra or Buble in the living room.  I miss dancing with him in our room before bed when it seems like everyone in the world is sleeping but us.
2- Oh yes, I have a trip planned for New Years.  I am waiting on my custom helmet and second chance vest to come in (I had it made in pink with a crown on it).  I mean REALLY people.  Need I say more.  *My response is actually the above... super sarcastic!*
3- I usually attempt to sound intelligent with this one.  First problem is that I do not watch the news, nor have I since we got his orders in March.  I usually smile and say, "Yes, end of COMBAT missions were announced in August however my husband's unit is helping to train the police so there is still a need for them.

I realize every day that he is gone how many silly little things that I miss HOWEVER I also realize how awesome it is to love someone so much that you miss them. 

With all that being said.  I also love the fact that I am only cleaning up after, doing laundry for and doing dishes for 2... I also love that once she goes to bed I can do my own thing.  I know that by the end of this 16 month vacation I will be ready for him to be home, I will be ecstatic about cleaning up after, doing laundry for and doing dishes for 3.  I am in a nesting phase right now.  Cleaning out everything, reorganizing everything and finding pictures that make me laugh and cringe at the same time.  Being an Army wife has its perks and it has its struggles but knowing every day that I miss my soldier because I love him is far better than having a person in the next room that I don't know.


Jess said...

Well put! I can't stand dumb questions like that either... the part about "getting" your custom made helmet and vest really made me laugh! I dunno what people are thinking when they "ask are you gonna go visit" ...clueless is all I can think of. ;) I admire you looking on the bright side though and looking forward to when he comes home, that's truly Army wife strong ;)

Shana said...

Thanks Jess! If we don't find the lighter side of deployment it will eat us alive. Thank you for reading and if you ever have a suggestion or comment please keep leaving them. I LOVE it.