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Tuesday, November 23

Crappy cold weather = Wanting to cuddle

My dog, the cat, the Diva and I cuddle up in our big chair every night because I hate being cold... but I hate turning on the heater even more!  She is like a little heater, just like daddy, and I am ALWAYS cold.  When Big Daddy is home, he has the AC set to like 68 degrees and I am bundled up in sweats when it’s 100 degrees outside in July!  Yep, that’s my life.  So, with him gone I never turned the AC on this summer… I am sure that my mother in law would have liked the AC on when she came over but… well I don’t like to be cold.  Plus, truth be told I never figured out how to use the stupid AC system in our house. 
Yesterday was one of those days that I wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep forever!  CRAMPS… yep the word that we all hate to see and feel but its reality.  There was no IM’ing with BD yesterday… maybe that was a blessing from Mother Nature because I was surely NOT in the mood for people.  I left my ipod in all day at work and barely spoke to people.  Everyone was irritating me.  Then about 10 last night I got the giggles, not just a little giggle from the stupidity of Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars but a huge belly laugh from absolutely NOTHING.  No TV was on, no book or magazine, nothing… just me laughing for a good 7 minutes.  I thought maybe I had finally cracked… deployment got to me and I would soon be hugging myself rocking on the floor of a pretty white fluffy room.  Then… it stopped.  No such luck on the pretty room and solitude.  Yep.  I was so excited about SOLITUDE.  Haha. 

Now to get some work done and pray that the Internet works and I  can have my IM time with Big Daddy…. Oh and maybe I should get some work done too.  Ahh… I love working full time except for when it cuts into my blogging time!

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