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Thursday, November 25

Black Friday - Happy Turkey Day


This year our Thanksgiving is a little different.  BD is gone so it will consist of Diva, Big Daddy's mom, Me and my grandmother... I could not imagine cooking that LITTLE amount of food.  So imagine how surprised and touched I was when my mother in laws company gave us dinner at an amazing restaurant to honor BD's service.  Yes, this mamma cried with HIS mamma.  We are so humbled by this.

The next wonderous thing is BLACK FRIDAY. For those of you that are gutsy enough to wade through the crowds here is a list of some of the times these stores are open.  I have yet to decide if I will brave the stores this year or not.  With the fact I have to ship more than half of our gifts this year, I may just have to.

Thank you to BFAD's for this information:

The Sports Authority ad features several pages of doorbuster sales items available from 5am to 3pm on Black Friday.

15-item preview of the Amazon.com's Black Friday Week. Amazon will also be putting many, many more items on sale, we expect to have those details in the upcoming days. Amazon's Black Friday event is split into three different sales:
Target opens at 4am

Best Buy opens at 5am
The Acer 10.1” Netbook for $179.99 is comparable to the Compaq 10.1” Netbook for $149.99 during BestBuy’s Black Friday sale. Considering that BestBuy only is guaranteeing 8 of these netbooks per store, you might want to pick up the Acer netbook at Target this week, hold onto it until Black Friday and see if you can get the better deal at BestBuy. The BestBuy netbook deal is one of the better deals this Black Friday, so there will be a high demand for them

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