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Wednesday, November 24


Doesn’t that sound heavenly?  Since April I have not seen much of that word.  I have not been able to pee in peace, shower without interruption or read a book until after bed time.  Yesterday I asked Diva for 5 minutes to use the restroom and change my clothes for our meeting.  About 14 seconds after I sat down came a little knock at the door.  “Mommy?”, in a small voice.  “Yes Diva… in my annoyed mommy tone.  “Are you ok?” I asked.  “Ummm… well yeah” she said.  “Ok, then go read a book for a few moments, I will be right out” (Side note- I have extreme stage fright so by now my bladder was ready to explode!).  “But mommy… ummmm…. Well… I was wondering….”.  Anticipating the next comment I slipped in “No, you can not have a snack”.  She sighs and says, “Oh well… I just wanted a kiss, can I come in”.  SERIOUSLY child… I just want to PEE!  I just want 5 minutes to pee, wash my hands and change my slacks… I am not asking for an hour of quiet movie time, I mean really the world would stop turning if that happened. 
I have decided when BD gets home for R&R I am going to give him a full daddy day with her… 1 day to get a small glipse into my deployment life.  A day that he has to run her all over creation to do her extracurriculars, a day that he has her knocking on the door ever 3 seconds wanting something without patience… oh yes, and on that day.  I am going for solitude and hitting a spa alone.  No talking, no nothing. 

I love being a mommy and I love being an Army wife but good grief… sometimes all I want is to be ME. 

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