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Thursday, October 20


Oh yes, there is no nice way to put what I did this morning –

I am not known for my graceful nature... I am in fact a HUGE klutz.  So much so I am truly amazed that I can pull off heels, EVER.  This morning was PROOF of my total lack of grace.

I was getting out the door; I parked in the garage (which is usually Hubby’s spot until we get the garage cleaned out but that’s a whole different story!) but was trying to hang up the phone with Hubby who had just gotten to work.... Diva was attempting to break the door get in the car but it was locked so while my arms are full I am fumbling with the iPhone to get it back into my purse (which, indecently, was full of my gym clothes) and get my keys out all while holding an evening gown as well... I missed a step or 3 and landed on my knees on the concrete.  My keys went flying; my glasses went flying however my phone didn’t.  I wanted to cry SO bad but didn’t.  I got Diva in the car and began looking for my keys.... NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

I email Hubby to see if he knows where my extra set of keys is... no response.  CRAP!  Diva got out and helped me look but we found nothing UNTIL I thought about the stupid Armoir in the garage... you guessed it... STUPID keys flew under there into the WAY BACK (must have bounced off my car tire).  We had to get a broom to fish them out.  After 10 minutes and 2 busted knees we were on our way to school.  Oh and the kicker is I have a TV interview today to talk about the charity I volunteer with Got Your Back Network so I am dressed quite nice and was PRAYING for no blood on my NEW pants.

By the time I got to work my entire body feels like I got hit by a bus... I am SUPER achy but luckily nothing is broken and no one but Diva saw.

Have you ever totally wiped out??

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