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Monday, October 10

This year... DECORATIONS

Every year since I moved out of my parents house I plan and have always wanted to decorate for the holidays but just never have – Well, Christmas is my ONE decorating holiday.  I always have great idea just lack either the time or the money (decorating is EXPENSIVE!) I see other people’s houses and think, “WOW, I wish I had THAT kind of time/money or creativity,” UNTIL this year that is!  On Saturday the three of us went to Kirkland Home and bought Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas decorations (In which I had a TON of Christmas stuff already)! 
Yesterday I saw the Martha Stewart Halloween catalog and got A TON of ideas for little things we CAN do for Halloween to make our place FUN!  So I am ALL about decorating... I think we will do our Halloween stuff tonight... then tomorrow is Hubby's 32nd birthday!!!  I have some great ideas there too.

Hubby and I are OVER THE MOON that we are hosting Thanksgiving this year, our first one in our new home, actually our first one EVER!!  Since Hubby’s work schedule doesn’t let us know what days he’s working until the week before and I have to work the day after Thanksgiving we are staying put.  My family is going to come out, my parents and my older nieces; to stay with us I am pretty excited.  I am actually trying to convince my mom to do Black Friday shopping with me... just because.  I did it last year and was at work, fully done with Christmas shopping my 6am!!
 Then it will be on to Thanksgiving/Harvest decorations... So much to be thankful for this year.


Our fireplace currently has NO mantle so we got this to go AROUND our fireplace for our stockings

In our upstairs window... fun and creepy

Stairway window

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