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Wednesday, October 5

Out of the mouths of babes!

 Have you ever had a conversation with your child that leaves you in tears from laughter or embarrassment?  When Diva was 3 a woman at the grocery store asked her what her Daddy did, she said that he kills Jihad (please dont judge, he had JUST gotten home from a 22 month deployment most of this in Abu Grahb prison), the woman looked at me with wide eyes until I explained and then realized that there were 3 Muslim women within earshot of this conversation to which I apologize profusely then called Hubby and demanded he fix this upon his return that day.  When she was 5 a man asked where her daddy was and she said that he was going to jail for killing bad people - again she thought his deployment was going back to Abu so again I explained and the 80 year old WWII Veteran laughed at the situation however I was mortified.  I then began to wonder what she said when I wasn't there.  Good grief!  Oh and the kicker was the NEW school front desk lady calling me over a comment made in class.  They were discussing their birthdays - Diva stood up and announced that she was adopted therfore was never born!  Well- her birth certificate does not state adoption so the school had no idea nor were we planning on telling them.  Not for any reason just that we wanted her to just be Diva not the adopted one - well I had to smooth over with her that she was really IN FACT born just not out of my tummy. 
Cue this mornings conversation -
 I have a friend who has been with his partner for 10 years, they are wonderful together.  Over the past year Diva has realized that they are a couple, “like mommy and daddy” and that they love each other very much.  She realized this when we went to their home for dinner and it's a one bedroom apartment and she felt compelled to ask where they both slept.  This weekend she asked if they were married, I told her they weren’t as it’s against the law in our state.  She replied that it was sad BUT was very concerned that if they got married and both wore suits how would you tell them apart.  I am by NO means homophobic, in fact quite the opposite.  I think that people deserve love regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation.  Their love has no negative effect on my life therefore it’s no more my business what goes on behind their doors than any other couple I know.   My husband and I have different schools of thought on this and I think they are a good balance.  Have you had to explain same sex couples to your children?

I pray that the rain doesn’t get any worse because tonight is a big meeting to start the fundraiser for the widow’s organization I am part of, The Got Your Back Network.  We are meeting with a potential venue and I am crossing my fingers it works.  So IF you are or know any Military Widows in the SoCal area please let them know and have them log on and register with us.  I am REALLY excited about it – I have completely fallen in love with the organization and all of the families I have met.

Back to wishing I was home... snuggled up in my comfy chair listening to the rain while watching Crazy Stupid Love.

Rain Rain go away... come back another day.  Preferably one in which I do NOT have to drive!

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