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Thursday, October 13

the humming of the washing machine.

I am sitting her tonight working on my book and its quiet.  Hubby is out shopping for a shirt for work, Diva is sleep (poor baby is getting sick) and I am just here.  For a few moments its like he is deployed again and I have a few moments to think.  I love having him home but it seems like we are just ALL up in eachothers business all the time.  I went from having time at night to myself to cook, clean, write... VEG with my own thoughts.... now it's cook, clean, homework... Diva,s normal night and then instead of having time to myself to work on my book or myself its camp out in front of the TV and watch him sleep.

I am sure that I sound ungrateful but that is not my intention.... I startedd this blog to deal wth deployment in an honest way.  Well now he is home and I will still deal with this in an honest way.  I am SURE that I am not the only woman that POST deployment misses her ME time.  I am sure that this is just part of the process of getting it all worked out.  He has his 2 hour gym time and I have mine 30 minutes of gym time... then I am home doing my normal MOM thing and he is ...well, doing what ever it is that he WANTS to do. 

I am loving the fact that at this moment all I hear is the hum of the washing machine (Diva's EVERY Firday Spirit shirt is stained again.... stupid school makes a WHITE tshirt for Elementary kids.... BRIGHT!) and my typing.

Well BACK to my book.... I can't wait to get it published.  SOON

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