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Tuesday, October 25

Stock in Target?

We moved 90 days ago and our garage has been about the same since then – 1 car can fit but the other one, NOT so much.  Last night Hubby and I went into the garage to find a pack of business cards... small and random at 10pm.  I commented that I couldn’t wait to get our house finished and to be able to park into the garage...  Then OF COURSE we get into this long conversation about how to accomplish the garage.  We decided that we need a bunch of matching containers – I thought getting different colors for us and Diva would be a better (and more efficient) way to do it.  I mean really... how often do you get stuff out of the garage for you?  NEVER – Yet, I am always looking for something for her.  Best part is that he works all weekend... who do you think is going to get STUCK the honor of doing it all?? Yeah, that would be ME!  I guess today I will be buying a bunch of plastic tubs to start organizing.  We also need to hang our curtains so our neighbors stop having something to look into (comments have been made, haha)

Maybe I can not whine about it this week and surprise him when he gets home Saturday night with my hard work.  I mean he still has 2 duffels, a ruck and 6 foot lockers full of CRAP... oh and one more at the unit that he STILL hasn’t picked up from Deployment (sadly his unit from last deployment kept 1 foot locker for 4 years!!!!)  I guess I will just MOVE them out of the way and get my sh*t done!  Hmmm.... can I not whine or comment this week about my crazy weekend?!

I also got some neat ideas for MY closet... yes my walkin that I LOVE.  It's not too small but it's not huge.  I would like to figure out how to make my closet like this:
NOT my closet...

look like this:

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