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Wednesday, October 19

Baby Gurgles

A new day, start over... I am working for that.  It’s 1:30 and I am just now writing, that says something about today.  I stayed up until Hubby got home from work last night.  That used to be an issue because with his schedule we could go days without really seeing each other – I took one for the team.  This morning I needed coffee straight to the veins BUT I was running too late to stop so I had to settle for crappy work coffee instead of my LOVED Coffee Bean.  We were all in SLOW MO today.  Funny morning to me.

Now it’s just lunch (choosing wisely), finish work and head to the gym.  I am going to do what the Hubby wishes and simplify –   I have to send emails out tonight and respectfully decline on a few upcoming things... and I am NOT good at saying no.

Our neighbor has a little girl that is 6 months old – lately she has been flexing her vocal chords in a very sweet way.  Hearing her just makes me smile – it’s so sweet.  This morning hubby looked at me and said, “Maybe its not annoyed and it’s cute to us because we haven’t experienced it but GEEZ its cute!”.  Babies are a struggle for us... we both go back and forth on a baby or an older child.  We both struggle all the time with it BUT hopefully we can make some decision in the next 6 months to help us figure out what ON EARTH we want.

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