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Monday, October 24

Extra Curricular out... Family In

I feel like I have had so many UNBELIEVABLE changes since Hubby got home – more have been internal than anything.  There has been so much re-prioritize of things.  This isn’t always bad, just difficult... especially when it isn’t your idea.  He doesn’t see the importance in my hobby (and while he has a hobby he considers it an extension of the gym so mine is out, I think that sitting home staring at each other is obnoxious... we are also realizing that we have no MUTUAL hobbies.  So with all this going on I have had to make some serious changes in my views... nope I have not asked him to because, lets be honest, he isn’t going to.  So my extra-curricular are out for a bit, family is more of a focal point.  I have always had a life outside of our family, because I think it’s healthy... well he disagrees.  Our lives will move into being, work, and gym and home... at least for now.  With that being said we had an awesome family weekend!

On Saturday night Hubby and I got to go to the wedding of a wonderful woman I met through an organization I volunteer with – sadly he and I were fussing for the past week and really didn’t want to go together to this but did.  I have no problem admitting that it’s a little harder than I expected and I think he is a little less tolerant and flexible than he likes to think he is.  Well, it took us 92 miles to finally listen to each other and move forward with a better understanding.  We came home being energized and in a great place.  Nothing like watching other’s love remind you of what you have.  Yesterday was our first full family function (a birthday party for Diva’s friend) that we have attended since his return... SO much fun!  We got to play with reptiles and arachnids... and REALLY cute baby turtles!  Ok, truth be told I didn’t get within 5 feet of the tarantula and secretly hoped that it would get stepped on... there I said it.  YUCK!
Thats my girl...spider on her HEAD

This gave me the willies for hours!

Her inner Britney Spears moment

Yes this cute little guy is only 3 weeks old and I wanted to hide him in my pocket BUT he will grow to be 200lbs!

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