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Tuesday, October 4

Yes, it has a name... and I HATE IT!

My BIGGEST pet peeve is Spectator Slowing, Look-i-Loo traffic, AKA MORONS that need to stop/slow down to see a crash, flashing lights (best part of it is when they are a CalTrans truck)  !!  I was headed to work today and there was a slight drizzle... good gracious STORM WATCH 2011!  Cars are slamming on their brakes, weaving or going 4mph!!  Then there was a fender bender on THE OTHER side of the freeway and ... YES, you guessed it my side was STOPPED!  Flashing lights is like a moth to a flame for stupid CALIFORNIA drivers!  My normally ridiculously long drive was even worse – it normally takes me about 45 min to drive 21.3 miles to work and an hour home.  This morning was over an hour to work... HOME WILL SUCK!

The rain also turned Diva into a pain!  She wanted to wear shorts and a tshirt today (its PE day), well rain requires jeans as I WILL NOT have a sick child right now.  Yeah, that went over SO WELL... she moaned groaned griped complained and acted generally pickely about it all.  Was walking funny because her pants are “too tight”, nice try they are actually a size TOO BIG.  Sadly, there was quite a bit of comedy in the whole thing... oh well. 

Lets hope the morons on the street get off later than me... I have things to do today!

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