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Monday, October 3

A Cracked Diamond!

I realized last week that one of the diamonds in my engagement ring looked... well DIM.  I have been staring at it, cleaning it... basically just obsessing over this dim little stone.  I looked and looked and realized the damn thing is CRACKED!  I didn’t know you could crack a diamond but look at me, going beyond expectations.  I showed Hubby and he just shrugged his shoulders and told me that I am too hard on my ring.  WHAT?!  I am not a brick layer or a jackhammer operator, how the hell am I too hard on my ring?  I work at a desk, haven’t lifted a weight in a year... and clean the house.  That’s it!  I should stop having to clean; it’s too hard on my ring. 
I say this after I spent 2 hours cleaning, swiffering and mop & glo’ing our wood floors!  We have probably 1000 SF of wood floor, they are DARK wood and we have a white dog and an orange cat... and a Diva with sandy shoes and a Hubby that smokes (thus tracking in ash) so our floors looked like CRAP since the last time I cleaned them for the party.  About half way through my cleaning regimen (sweep, vacuumed, wet swiffer, vacuum, sponge to the corners and floor boards on my knees, then mop & Glo)  I hated them, yes they look AHH-MAZING now but getting on my hands and knees with a sponge to get the corners and the edges so that there aren’t any weird lines, keep the dog/cat and child upstairs so I don’t get sticky footprints all over the place is just a SERIOUS pain in the butt.  Hubby comes home after I get the downstairs floors done and the dining room is just drying from the wet swiffer, he tip toes upstairs and changes into his biking attire and heads out for his ride... oh yes and in the course of this we realize that Diva’s new fish is dead so I get to tell her and he bails.  GREAT!  Of COURSE the Hubby comes back before the Mop & Glo dries and walks his SWEATY feet all over my floor.  REALLY!   I just stared in total disbelief... Umm hello GENIOUS you saw me doing this, you smell mop & glo and if all else fails I am sure the look on my face is screaming IDIOT the floors are wet/clean and your feet are NASTY/SWEATY! 

It never fails... next up is our room as my closet floor is now about 4” high with my total LACK of organization and needs to be redone.  OH NO, maybe that will wait.

Well... onto our Monday!

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