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Wednesday, October 12

One year Blog-versary!

I MISSED MY  Blogiversary!!!  I had this whole WONDERFULLY well written blog post, scheduled it and with all Bloggers LAMENESS it just became a draft.

Well September 27 was my Blogiversary!!YIPPPEE HORRAY!

Thank you to the almost 80 people that think I am interesting enough to follow and the hopefully MANY others that just read my ramblings.  I want to do a simultaneous giveaway... My Blogiversary and my 100 follower celebration SOOOO... If I can get to 100 followers (about 25 more) I will have a fantabulous giveaway.

Reflecting is a wonderful thing...
This time last year Hubby had been gone about 6 months... well he has now been home 2 months and things are getting back to normal, slowly.  Some days are better than others... some days I think he would rather be ANYWHERE but here.  I am having a hard time accepting his help or opinions mainly because I feel like he is PUSHING his thoughts on me instead of making a meer suggestion.  His new favorite phrase is "Its not THE way is A way" which I am HATING more than ZEN. 

I am thankful that he is home, don't get me wrong but some days I am overwhelmed by just his presence.... here's to reintegration!!

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