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Tuesday, October 11

FINALLY he caught up...

Today is the Hubby’s birthday!  He has been reminding me for the past 76 days that I am robbing the cradle and am WAY older than him... yes, it's true I am a WHOLE 76 days OLDER than my Husband!  BUT, now we are both 32... bite me!!

Last year he was celebrating in Iraq with... well nothing because his birthday box showed up 3 days late!  The box was awesome, if I do say so.  He had a full party in a box sent... it was wrapped from the inside and was full of everything you need for a party.  Spiderman plates, napkins, plastic silverware, balloons, candles, rice crispy treats and a cute BIRTHDAY BOY button to wear!!  Well, with all that we needed to step it up this year!!  Diva had just the trick – I let HER do all the planning!!!

Diva hatched this plan of decorating genius!  Then we realized that she was 7 and I am NO Martha Stewart and had to improvise.  This morning Diva and I woke up early (5:50AM!) – snuck outside and decorated Hubby’s car inside with streamers and balloons (she wanted to wrap it with streamers but I had to explain the simple fact that it was REALLY wet outside and it would MOST LIKELY ruin the paint on his car WHEN the streamers ran, she wasn’t too concerned), then we covered the upstairs with streamers and Happy Birthday signs and made coffee.  Hubby was SO surprised that we did all the upstairs decorations we couldn’t WAIT until he came and saw his car.  After he poured his coffee he met Diva and I on our patio - as opened the front door with his morning coffee he was blasted with SILLY STRING!  She picked out a yellow and green and we covered him with it... he just laughed and so did she.  I wish I had a camera to capture the moment but it was pretty perfect... she was PRETTY proud of herself.

After some clean up it was off to work/school for Diva and I... tonight is Cheesecake Factory, German Chocolate Cupcakes and some presents which Diva also picked out ALL by herself and even did some switcharoo on the daddy.  Now this should be fun

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