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Thursday, October 6

Nunya = None of your BUSINESS!

Meandering through a store minding my own damn business!  I stopped at a cutesy little dress and was thinking how I could make it for 1/4 of the price -  This lady comments how cute this little dress is.

Random lady: “Aww, how old is your daughter”
Me: “She’s 7 1/2”
Them: “Oh is she your ONLY one?” 

REALLY nosy lady at the kid’s boutique!!  This was yesterday as I was killing time waiting for a meeting.  Super cute boutique (AKA WAY overpriced kids clothes that I had ZERO intention of buying!!)  I am not hyper sensitive about my only child - contrary to certain people's beliefs.  I recently became an aunt for the 6th time, I love my nieces and nephews - they are all pretty awesome kids and I miss spending more time with them.  However I am happy with the life that WE chose.  

I always get asked if we are TRYING for another child or if we WANT one.  The answer changes daily – If Diva is being a pain the answer is NO but most days I want her to have a sibling... as does hubby.  When he came home he started talking about it quickly, let’s have a baby.  WOW.  Umm sweetheart, lets just practice K??  As I have mentioned before, I have a 5% chance of getting pregnant.  Yes, I have checked... been poked, prodded, examed and violated MORE than enough times to know... I have taken more Progesterone and Estrogen in a month than my mom has since menopause started.  (3 P suppositories a day for 2 weeks and 2 Estrogen patches every other day for 2 weeks) in addition to my thyroid medication and my vitamins.  I HATE PILLS!  Yes, I am also a medical anomaly.  I have HypOthyroidism however am borderline underweight, I started running out of eggs and going into menopause at 19).  I think I have been ‘wanded’ more times than I have actually had intercourse in the past 2 years!  My fertility doctor and I got REALLY close!!  With this being said... I have been thinking about doing another IUI.  Maybe it’s worth one LAST chance.  Before our TriCare cuts out... hmmm.  Maybe I should email Hubby and schedule some ‘Us’ time tonight to chat about this.

My brain also wraps around the fact that Diva is 7 ½, an 8 year age difference is A LOT between kids so I am not sure if that’s really what I want either.  Maybe we should look at adopting a 2 or 3 year old boy and then the age difference would be workable, they would never share a school but would be close enough to share their life.  My older sister and I are 8 years apart and it wasn’t until I was in my mid to late 20’s that we really became close, my younger sister is 3 years younger and have never been super close but have always shared our life... then there is my brother that’s 16 years (OH YEAH!) younger than me.  Our relationship borders on maternal versus sibling.  We all have weird dynamics but have made it work.  Maybe that’s the ticket, just making it work.

Oh yes... totally random TTC talk.  Sorry for this.

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