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Wednesday, November 16

Back from the Big Apple!

Not necessarily happily but yes, we made it home from our New York Trip.  First things first... I LOVE the East Coast!!  Hubby and I had some much needed R&R and bonding time together – I don’t know if we realized it before but boy do we now.  To reconnect post deployment, travel and just explore together was AWESOME!  He even moved into a more Metro/Preppy look which I am a BIG fan of.  Sadly we are both jumping right back into work today - both working at 7am!

I have written a lot about reintegration and how much of a pain it is – well, it’s true!!  When Hubby first got home it was one step from miserable – not because he was there but EVERYONE was on edge.  I hate feeling that walking on egg shells feeling, and I know that ALL 3 of us were feeling it.  Then he got back to work and it was there again – we never took time really for us.  So as this trip got closer we started getting a bit edgy again, maybe the anticipation of not knowing HOW it would be?  I don’t know but once we landed at JFK and started exploring a whole new place... we were just loving and in heaven together.

Day 1  we landed at 5:30AM EST and headed to the hotel to freshen up – then off to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island... the Financial District, Wall Street (yes, we saw the cesspool that the Occupy Wall Street People have created) then headed back to the room to add another layer as it was COLD and WINDY before we went to the 9/11 Memorial.   That was TRULY TRULY Amazing!! To not feel emotion is impossible – especially knowing that my husband has spent almost 3 years in countries of war due to the tragedies of that day – knowing widows who’s husbands would still be alive if it weren’t for September 11.  It was a hard place to be that night but I am so glad we visited it on Veterans Day – Oh and Joe Biden was there the same time we were!

I will add a day of our trip daily this week – but to say that we are happy to be home is an understatement.  I LOVED New York but I missed our Diva so much that I woke her up at 11 last night to kiss and hug her.... I even carried her downstairs to say HI to Daddy and show me the cake that she made us.  Although... she WILL be attending Julliard or NYU someday so MOMMY can have ANOTHER reason to be in NYC.

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