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Saturday, November 5

Today I am thankful for...

First I must say... we will be in New York walking around the FREEZING COLD city this time next weekend. I am going to start packing tomorrow so that there is no last minute rush!  Hopefully we don't get on each others nerves during our trip like we have a bit lately.  I think there is too much in our brains and we really need to get away to recenter on what is truly important, US.
Today I am hosting a baby shower.  I am so excited to be a part of this day but it does make me think about Diva... I really hope that the next child we have gets one of these handy little parties.  When I adopted Diva there was no party, when her adoption was final there was no party (well except the luncheon we had after court).  I would have loved to get some clothes, or toys... something to help off set the amount of money a child costs.  Going to be a really fun day though!

Well- today I am thankful for...
My family!

Yes, they are frustrating and we argue but I love them all. Between a brother, sisters, nieces and nephews (there are 8 of them) as well as my parents and Grandparents... Aunts and Uncles. Oh yes there are a lot of us. I am thankful for them. We may not see eachother often but they are still my family... the FUN in dysFUNctional!

I am thankful that my Grandmother is only 35 minutes from me, that she and I have the closeness that we do and I am thankful that Diva gets the opportunity to know her Great Grandma as I never did.

Never take your family for granted because one day... they won't be there anymore.

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