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Monday, November 21

Creating a 27 hour day!

My girlfriend, Suki, and I were discussing getting in shape – she is competing in a pageant in a few weeks and I am piggybacking on her plan.  I DESPERATELY need to do something.  I feel YUCKY about myself.  I have gained about 7lbs since hubby came home – I am well aware of all the new wiggles, jobbles and stuff that comes with it.  My jeans are too tight, my boobs are falling OUT of my bra and I have a back bulge.  So in a few words... it’s GOT to go!
In our conversation we decided to hold each other accountable for working out and eating healthy – I need to be held accountable to someone OTHER than Hubby.  While he is supportive – he takes minimum responsibility for daily carpooling of Diva so she is primarily my time management tool.  I can NOT get off at 4pm, drive the 45 minutes (plus) to the gym, workout for an hour and make it to her school by 6pm– this is after getting up at 5:30am to just get the day started and everyone to where they need to be on time.  He wants me to do whatever it is that I want – just not always possible.  His best suggestion is to go AFTER Diva goes to bed – so 8pm he wants me to drive 15 min  to the gym, work out for an hour and then come home around 9:30 and still think I will have ANY time with him what-so ever.  Just thinking about that makes me tired – I am asleep by 10!  This momma gets tired.

He says if I want it bad enough I will do anything – so I am in the process of making it a 27 hour day!

What’s your weight loss secret?  10lbs in 6 weeks in my goal – let’s see how it goes!

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