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Tuesday, November 1

Boredom and Worms~

Do you have write your post and re-read and realize you just bored yourself?!  I just did that and started over. 

Hubby and I are headed on our post deployment adult trip to NYC.  This trip was booked about 6 months ago and we cant wait.  I am a little nervous because he and I travel differently (He has ALWAYS traveled Military and it’s a little different) plus he seems increasingly annoyed with my existence lately.  I am sure that it’s just getting back to work and life but he seems pretty annoyed with me most days.  Although yesterday started out pretty rough we ended up having a wonderful day together and had quite a bit of fun.  He says that it’s not annoyance but I know those faces... and that is most certainly what it is.  Now, to figure out why. 
I am not sure if there is a standard ‘Get it together’ post deployment date but we are working on 3 months and I am still giving him every excuse possible to be a pain in the ass.   I keep saying “Oh he is still getting used it”.  I don’t know if even I believe it or if I have made his life so damn easy he is just taking advantage of it.  I still don’t rely on him for much, maybe I should but in some respects I feel like I can’t.  Diva still looks to me for most things and apparently we share a secret language that he hasn’t cracked yet... I have no clue but we just get each other with limited words and I won’t feel guilty about it.  I am sure that my lack of relying on him isn’t helping but I REFUSE to let her suffer for his shortcomings right now.  I think there are still days he wishes he were back in country with his only responsibility being him and his Soldiers and not daily ever changing home life... hopefully SOON he will figure it out.

This year was the first time I have gotten to be part of her school... our old school liked your money but not really participation.  I volunteered to make the cupcakes (school I made dirt/worm cupcakes)  for Diva’s Halloween Party at school (and volunteer in the class for the games and my relay team beat the other teams (one of them being Hubby’s/Diva’s team, gloating a bit!), in addition we went Trick or Treating with some neighbors who are also in Diva’s school (double good mommy points this week!).  Last night I dress her up as a Vampiress (is that a word?!) for Trick or Treating... and again impressed myself with the makeup.  I got this mommy stuff down~ 

Hopefully Tuesday will be a good day... then I can blissfully head into Wednesday with smiles!

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